Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - I, Eye Guy - Episode Review

Billy has a little smart friend named Willy and togehter they make a virtual reality game for the science fair, but because of the involvement of Bulk & Skull, he is disqualified. Rita is after his brain so Eye Guy kidnaps him and it is up to the Rangers to save him but Eye Guy keeps building himself again.

Remember when Willy was put on that spinning thingy, that's memorable. When they zoomed in into the Blue Ranger, that scene touched me alot, it was like when an actor is seen thinking in front of the screen without speaking or thoughts outloud, many directors like doing that. This scene made me love Power Rangers even more. Look at the screen cap at the top left, it is Zack enjoying the virtual game. But the revisionists decided to give it all those zany graphics, it is a bit off-putting when seeing it.

Remember when Rita and Finster are talking about Eye Guy kidnapping kids and we see an Asian girl being kidnapped? Well, this was from the original footage. And in the episode itself, when Billy goes to attack the main eye, we see the girl briefly, he is protecting her but the shot is used so quickly, I guess even the revisionists didn't notice it enough to delete those few seconds. The screen shot at the right is from Zyuranger, Tottopatto (Baboo) is a vampire and is trying to get blood from the little girl.

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