Saturday, February 6, 2010

Most Attractive Sentai Hero this Decade?

Not as many as there was for the girls. I don't think much people will vote for this one as the girl one.

Shirogane (Gao Silver of Gaoranger)

Ikkou (Kabutoraijer of Hurricanger)

Hikaru (Magi Shine of Magiranger)

Akashi (Bouken Red of Boukenger)

Eiji (Bouken Silver of Boukenger)

Gou (Geki Violet of Gekiranger)

Gunpei (Go-On Black of Go-Onger)

Chiaki (Shinken Green of Shinkenger)

Takeru (Shiken Red of Shinkenger)

Hyde (Gosei Blue of Goseiger)

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