Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poll Results: Saban Series Come Back/Another American KR Series

Which Saban Series would you want to 'come back' or be rerun once again?
141 out of 302 votes, people want Beetleborgs back. Most likely, because it already has comic book look and is not in danger to be 'revisioned' like MMPR.

Big Bad Beetleborgs: 141 out of 302 votes

VR Troopers got 67 votes

Mystic Knights got 49 votes.

Saban's Masked Rider got 45 votes

Would you want Steve Wang to produce another US Kamen Rider?
Yes -- 240 of 311 votes
No -- 71 of 311 votes

Would you want another American Kamen Rider series?
Yes -- 327 of 385 votes
No -- 58 of 385 votes

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