Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tensou Sentai Goseiger - Epic 1 - Review

I'm not going to review every Goseiger episode because 49 is too many even for me. Some episodes don't warrant a review.

The episode starts up with Dereputa of the Warstar attacking the headquarters of the Gosei people. Gosei Red fights him. Then we see him spotting a kid, who is either being teased or ignored by other kids. The other Goseiger fight some of the Beebe footsoliders. Gosei Red, Alata speaks to the boy and spirits away, loosing his transformation card. He regroups with the others and they discuss him loosing the card. Pink suspects the boy and calls him magically to them. I don't know what they tell the boy but Red stops Blue from 'memory wash'. It then gets to the point that the monster of the day fights the four and keeps them hostage. The boy gives the card back to Red and the five transform and show off their Gosei Blasters with the Headers, going against the Beebe. Then the monster of the day comes with his giant boulder and fights them. They bring their Gosei Weapons.

They then form the Gosei Dynamic Buster and destroy the monster. They then see the boy in the black coat apologize to a boy in red. They bid their goodbyes. The five hande their own drama. They turn around to find Dereputa. He wants Red. Red clutches his arm.

Gosei Red is an interesting character, but I am not sure of my assessment of him yet. I don't know if he childish or what yet. I like how they are already are a team. It is a bit like Boukenger how they were already a team. The theme song and the feel of the show reminds me of Sentai of the 90's, it definitely has a retro feel. It was a good episode but I was hoping for a big budget beginning ala Boukenger's first ep (the Indiana Jones feel) or Gaoranger's (fighting in water and air, fast pace). But I guess they are spending a lot of money on the Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger teamup and the upcoming Shinkenger special. Because the Shinkenger opening was tame.

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104 of 148 were very much looking forward to the Goseiger premiere.
24 (16%) weren't looking forward to Goseiger as much as they did for Shinkenger.
20 (13%) were not really looking forward to it.

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