Monday, February 15, 2010

Face Ice Cream

You know those Ice Cream bars with the bubble gum eyes of popular characters you always see on Ice Cream trucks? Well, I was wondering how many have been Power Rangers. Companies owning their cartoon characters sell the license to Ice Cream companies (like Blue Bunny, Popsicle, and Good Humor-Beyers) to manufacture these ice creams. Many popular characters like Tweety Bird, Spider-Man, Ninja Turtles and Pink Panther switch companies through years.

"Saban Entertainment partnered with Pillsbury two years ago to create cut-and-cook cookies that featured the image of a Power Ranger in chocolate. The campaign ran for just a few weeks but helped draw attention to the Power Rangers' all-reaching promotion, said Rand Bremer, vp, licensing, food and beverage products at Saban. Since then, Saban has maintained a long-running Power Rangers frozen novelty license agreement with Good Humor-Breyers." " New products include Marvel Comics' Incredible Hulk Ice Bars and a set of Power Rangers Turbo Ice Bars."
- Robert Scally 1997 for Discount Store News

Pink Panther Ice Cream Bar has been around since the 70's but it's look hasn't really changed. Maybe slightly, but because its made by a different company.

Blue Bunny even manufactured a Sailor Moon Face Ice Cream Bar, but it was just the wand, it was a generic wand with a flower shape in the center. I was told it tasted bad. This wand was recycled for Sabrina the Teenage Witch Ice Cream I saw a couple of years later after Sailor Moon was canceled in 1996, a year after it started in the US by DiC.

Here is this weird Super Legends one. This is not American, it is Armenian. Click the link, they have three pics of different flavors. Weird thing is that it is the Operation Overdrive team on the logo and Pink is clearly Red re-colored.

I remember seeing In Space bars once, and they only made Red and Blue. And for Time Force, I read somewhere online they had Red and Blue. And for Wild Force, we know they made Blue and Black. And I know they made Turbo but I can't remember what colors. I know they only made two. For Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue, they only had Red and Blue. I know they never made girl ones.

The pictures seen are the only Ice Cream Face Bar I could find, you have any pictures, please send them to me!

And this Mystic Force product was accidentally called Power Rangers Star Force on this UK Site.

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