Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poll Results: Most Attractive Female Sentai Heroine This Decade

It's a Tie!

Miu (Go-On Silver) and Nanami (Hurricane Blue)
60 out of 336 each

Jasmine (Deka Yellow)
37 votes

Mako (Shinken Pink)
36 votes

Kotoha (Shinken Yellow)
32 votes

Eri (Gosei Pink)
28 votes

Saki (Go-On Yellow)
15 votes

Natsuki (Bouken Yellow)
15 votes--initially had few votes but then picked up by the next week.

Sakura (Bouken Pink)
11 votes

Sae (Gao White)
9 votes

Houka (Magi Pink)
7 votes

Umeko (Deka Pink)
7 votes

Moune (Gosei Yellow)
6 votes

Urara (Magi Blue)
5 votes

Ranru (Abare Yellow)
4 votes

Ran (Geki Yellow)
4 votes

1 comment:

Paolo1350 said...

Hey, this is a nice poll. How about having a poll that ask for most attractive female sentai SUIT or COSTUME. So basically, not based on the actresses, but on the suit design. My personal choice is Geki Yellow.