Monday, February 15, 2010

Second Wave Power Rangers

Last night pictures from the 2010 Toy Fair came out of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1st and 2nd wave). I am surprised to see the White Ranger and the Rangers with Dragon Shields (boys only of course, Blue didn't get it in the show) but sad to see no Deluxe Dragonzord or Rita. Gallery

Toys News International Gallery

The toyline includes:

Titanus Mix & Morph Base
It is a big base to change your Mix & Morph Figures, it is unknown if the Megazords will be able to combine with it. I doubt it. New Mix & Morph Figures are translucent Yellow & Black, Red with Dragon Shield and translucent Megazord. It actually looks well-crafted! I think it would be a waste if it didn't let the megazords combine but it doesn't look like it comes with its attachments necessary to make the Ultrazord.

Action Figures
Red, Blue and Black Rangers with shields and an extra-armored Green Ranger.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Morphin Rangers
These strange digital clock Rangers.

Zord Attack Vehicles
A new Red one, and White Ranger one--people complaining about his bikini look. I like the Blue Ranger vehicle but not the look of the Ranger.

Collectible Figures
So far only Megazord, Dragonzord in Battle mode, White Ranger and Red Ranger with Dragon Shield.

Mighty Morphin Air Attack Megazord
Radio-controlled. It has helicopter parts on top. Where the heck is my Dragonzord?

Power Morpher
Biggest thing is the Power Morpher, but from this look, it looks like it has a key and rip cord. The biggest thing is that it comes with the Power Coins and Ninja Coins--but what concerns me is that there is one wiht a Ranger face. I think maybe they will be two-faced like the McDonald's Ninja Coins back for MMPR:TM. The coins might shoot out.

Super Editorial
I would be a real shame if they didn't make a Dragonzord and Titanus compatible with the Dino Megazord, they are just 3 zords to combine!!! How hard could that be? And why not a regular Power Morpher.


  1. Deluxe Dragonzord to fit with Dino Megazord
  2. Titanus to fit with Megazord & Dragonzord
  3. Power Morpher (like the 1993 one)
  4. Dragon Morpher
  5. Rita Repulsa action figure
How hard could that be???!!!

Collection DX Gallery
Collection DX reports that they spoke to a rep and quote:
"For Power Rangers, the renewed Mighty Morphin' line will continue through 2010 and beyond. Their top-seller was the retooled Deluxe Megazord. When asked about the dragonzord, they said that the #1 request was for a Dragonzord. Bandai confirmed a Deluxe Dragonzord for sometime in 2011. they said this Dragonzord will feature electronic lights, sound and motorized action.
When talking to the Bandai reps about the future line, they said that the plan is to move back to the Japanese series, starting with Shinkenger, probably in 2012."
Source: Collection DX

It is no surprise they are continuing the toyline to the next year, but it does surprise they are coming out with the White Ranger so quickly. They certainly are getting ahead of themselves. And as for Shinkenger for 2012, I doubt it.


The_Doctor said...

I was really hoping that they would show us a new Dragonzord, I wonder if they just haven't shown it yet. I'm also curious as to whether Titanus will be able to combine with the Megazord. Glad to see they're releasing a white ranger figure. I think that may lead to new Saba toys and perhaps the White Tigerzord, Thunder zords, and Tor

Anonymous said...

omg ninja coins, male rangers with gold armor, white rangers oh and of course taitanus bandai is truly making up for those lean years

Mark said...

Let's see...if the first set of minis included Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Pink, Zedd, and Alpha, and the next set has White, Red-Gold, Megazord, and Dragonzord, the other half should be Rita, a Putty, Thunderzord, and Tigerzord.

Lavender Ranger said...

Mark, more 'should' than 'could.' But it really really should.

Mark said...

I think it's because American toy makers view female characters as an obstical. They want to make merch for them, but they know it won't sell(but I'd buy it! I'd buy it!), so they make the bare minimum.

G.I. Joe once wanted to create a black female character, but, knowing it wouldn't sell, they made her a short lived gender-swap of a black male character. Way to go.

Weirdly, it's all flip-flopped in Japan, where the male characters(unless the show has a large Yaoi fanbase) barely ever get models, but the females get dozens. Look up Haruhi on an anime figure store and you won't be able to find anything for Kyon or Itsuki.

Anonymous said...

yes i read it online at the toy fair site Titanus will be able to combine with the Megazord its great now all we need it the Dragonzord

Anonymous said...

@Mark: It depends on the show when talking about Japan.

The "White Bikini Ranger" seems to be based on Titanus Armor-wise.

Brandon M. Baker said...

Seriously, release a realiztic morpher. Soooo many people would buy that. Forget all these fake vehicles and stuff that don't even exist in the show. It's kinda retarded how over half the toys have nothing to do with the show at this point. I've always wanted a MMPR morpher like on the show. And if you look on youtube, so many poeple have done home videos of that original morph... they would buy this morpher too.

The_Doctor said...

That would be interesting, as the white ranger would function as a "spirit ranger" for Titanus and then the green ranger could be carried over (If we see a MMPR Season 2 re-release) to represent Tor, It would be a nice way to keep the rangers at seven. Maybe we'll even get some more diversity in monsters since their should be some spots available (as long as this line also has 10 figures) We know of red, blue, and black with green ranger armor, green with new armor, and white, so perhaps we will get Rita, Scorpina, Lord Zedd (Single Release), Finster, and maybe even a Squatt and Baboo Pack or (If we go ahead in time a bit) Ninjor

Anonymous said...

I think that bandai will keep coming out with toys but i think that disney is done making the show how do you think it will turn out if we really do get shinkengers but no series

Lavender Ranger said...

2/17/10 Anonymous:

Anonymous said...

2011 sounds bit late for Dragonzord.

Anonymous said...

i wonder when the date titanus will be released, im ready for him and the enterprise-b.