Saturday, February 20, 2010

African-American Green Heronie in Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

So there this is this new Animated program that started in August on Cartoon Network, based on this new Hot Wheels sub-line Battle Force 5. It is Power Rangers-esque because they were different solid color uniforms and battle animal-like creatures in color-coded vehicles. Only thing is that they don't have transformation devices. The interesting thing is that their female cohort is African-American, and she doesn't wear Pink or Yellow, she wears Green. I think that is great, it is unprecedented for an American series. And no one has said anything about it! Her name is Agura Ibaden and she drives an ATV. She has an action figure, not as many of the red one leader but as much as the other 4. As we Tokusatsu fans know, Tomica Fire Rescue has a female in Green armor. Hope this translates to Super Sentai soon (we have gotten close with Gekiranger's Mele, I love her, but I see her more like a villain).

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Fantasy Leader said...

That's pretty cool.

There's also Mele from Gekiranger. She pretty much is treated as a female green warrior.