Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poll Results: Should there be a Titanus Ranger toy like there were Spirit Rangers?

Why Not?
100 of 182
I Would Buy It
42 of 182
No Way
40 of 182

Not my fan drawing above.

For the 16th season in 2008, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, there were only 3 main rangers at the start of the series. So the toy company Bandai America released 3 extra original Rangers that did not appear in the original Japanese series Juken Sentai Gekiranger that aired the year before.

The 3 Rangers later appeared in the series as the Spirit Rangers [Elephant Ranger (green), Shark Ranger (cyan) and Bat Ranger (black). They are based on the extra zords the Rangers had.

Last year 2009, for the 17th season Power Rangers RPM, even though there was 7 Rangers, Bandai America still released more Rangers, but they never appeared in the series. They are based on the last three zords the Ranger Red receives in the series called the PaleoMax Megazord. Fans have nicknamed these Rangers as the Dino Rangers as they are Mammoth Ranger (red), Triceratops Ranger (cyan), and T-Rex Ranger (Silver).

Anyhoo, fans had suspected Bandai would pull this again and make a Ranger out of the Carrier Zord Titanus but thankfully (or not, really), that has not happened. Either way would have been fine for me.

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