Monday, May 3, 2010

Multiple Yellow Rangers

UPDATED 5/4/10
Some Yellow Rangers have the trend of being able to replicate, multiply or make doubles of themselves. In Super Sentai, the majority of these techniques were performed by ninjas or using ninja magic. Not only Yellow Rangers have been able to do this, Ninja Red of Kakuranger has also been able to do so.

Yellow Mask
Haruka was raised in a family of ninjas and focused on her ninja training. She could multiply herself.

Tiger Ranger
Boy of Zyuranger could only multiply himself with ninja magic in Episode 35. This was not seen in Power Rangers probably because you could see the Japanese girl in the scene.

Hurricane Yellow
Kouta could multiply himself. I think this was shown in Ninja Storm, I am not sure. The above image is from the movie.

Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado
When she was not morphed, Z could replicate herself. She needed no ninja magic, in fact, she was the only Power Ranger to ever show this technique when not morphed. That I can remember, she only did this un-morphed.


Anton aus Tirol said...

Not just yellow Rangers! Sasuke/NinjaRed (Kakuranger) was also able to make clones of himself

Lavender Ranger said...

Oh yeahhhh! Now I remember! Oops.

Sean Akizuki said...

If you ask me, Trini reminded me of Haruka of Maskman too for the rest of her time in MMPR but of course, you can't expect her to be that much of a skilled martial artist.