Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Green With Evil Part 3 - Episode Review

"Green With Evil Part 3" (The Rescue)
The remaining Power Rangers split up in order to find Jason and Rita resurrects Scorpina. The whole sequence of the Scorpina ball always seemed creepy and strange to me. The pulsating of the cocoon always seemed sensual to me. In the original Zyuranger footage, the ball continues going around houses and hits a house of a little girl. Goldar is relieved by the Green Ranger. The Rangers fix the communicators and teleport Jason just in time. Then they must fight Scorpina. Goldar has Rita pull her out at the last second and then Goldar goes to battle, having the Rangers fear what's next.

The reversion continues with the kanji in strange places. And the weird glows where there is no glows meant to be. When the Putties attack, we get a still frame that says 'Putties,' for some reason, you'd think kids would already know they are called putties.

And for some reason, interupting the whole episode, we are treated to a 'Billy vs. Zack' Dance-off, taking two clips, Billy's clip is from 'Different Drum' and Zack's is from 'Itsy Bitsy Spider.' The same clip that had been removed from Zack's title card in the opening sequence.

And what might be the biggest mistake of the original MMPR episode is Goldar speaks to Rita in the palace about Kimberly when Goldar is in the Dark Dimension. But we only hear Goldar, not see Goldar. Maybe he is communicating to her from the Dark Dimension. But how does he know about Kimberly when he is with Jason? So, yeah, a slip otherwise. And if it seems Scorpina and Goldar have a past, in Zyuranger, they were married.

Ami Kawai looks as sexy as ever in HD!

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