Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sentai Robot Friends

Alpha 5 was not the only robot friend, he got inspiration from past Super Sentai series. The Zyuranger had no robot pal. The only robot pal to be used from Super Sentai for Power Rangers was the blue owl Takku that became Circuit and Murphy that became R.I.C.

I forgot this little guy. For the 1980 series Denziman, there was smart robot dog that came from Denji Star 3000 years ago to assemble the Denjiman team.

In Bioman (1984), Peebo was an android from Bio Star who brought the Bio Dragon, Bio Robot and Bio Particles to Earth 500 years ago. Sean A. says Alpha reminds him of Peebo.

In Flashman (1987), Mag is a robot programmed by the aliens of the Flash Star to guard the Round Base from intruders. Mag was reprogrammed to assist them.

In Liveman (1988), Colon is a Female robot built by Dr. Hoshi in charge of the Gran Tortoise and assisted the team.

Arthur G6
In Fiveman (1990), support robo created by Dr. Hoshikawa to raise the orphaned five siblings to become Fiveman. He can fly out from base and transform into Earth Cannon. Power Ranger Fans complained about the SPD, Mystic and Overdrive Battlizers that they took apart their friends (robots and dragons) but Arthur was the first friend to be split apart for a weapon.

In GoGo Five (1999), cheery and child-like analysis Robot who controls the GoLiner at the Bay Area 55 base. He appeared in the backgrounds of Lightspeed Rescue.

The Timeranger's and Time Force's helper robot owl. They both served as their aid and instructor in the weaponry they hold. He is their link with the future in that only he can communicate across the stretch of time. He has access to the criminal database and informs them about the escaped prisoner and performs diagnostics on their equipment.

I didn't forget about this little guy, I just didn't know if he fit. It relayed messages, sounds off its opinions, and when Takku wants, acts as an alarm clock.

How could I forget Murphy! Oh Murphy/R.I.C.! Poor doggy got turned into a bazooka, armor and for SPD, even a bike for Boom.

Robo Tough
In Gekiranger (2007), they had a robot to punch around. For Jungle Fury toys, it came with the Cheetah Ranger.

In 2008's Go-Onger, "Born-to Outerdimension and Mechanic x Pitcrew-type ENGINE-support Robot." He was created by Bowhale.

In 2010's Goseiger, Datas is more like a sentient mecha, but anyway, he was a way to communicate to Master Head.

UPDATED 9/29/11
Many people believe she is a she. Navi is a robotic parrot who originally belonged to Aka Red has a form of fortune telling that provides cryptic hints as to where the Greatest Treasure.

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Hallwings said...

Colon's my favorite of the Sentai Robot allies. In fact, I think she's the cutest and hottest robot in all of Super Sentai.

Unknown said...

No bomper?

Sean Akizuki said...

As of late, we also have Datas.

Anonymous said...

hello datas

Sean Akizuki said...

You forgot about Denzidog, Robota and Murphy.

Unknown said...

Such a shame that GogoV's Mint wasn't actually used in Lightspeed Rescue. He/It could have been Miss Fairweater's robot sidekick.

Hallwings said...

Would you consider Navi of Gokaiger a "Robot Friend"?