Sunday, May 2, 2010

Red Herrings for the White Ranger and Gold Ranger

Red Herrings is an idiom. In novels, movies, and TV series, the purpose of it is divert the audience from the truth or real identity of someone. Here I will discuss the red herrings there for the identity of the White Ranger in MMPR and the Gold Ranger in Zeo.

I knew about the White Ranger by June of 1994, in a video gaming magazine that announced the new toyline and showed a small pic of the White Ranger from helmet to vest (no legs). And the White Ranger was heavily promoted in kids magazines until he premiered. Even though the Red Herring format was used more heavily and obviously for the Gold Ranger, I believe there were Red Herrings for the White Ranger too, but in a very subtle manner.

Richy was introduced as a potential love interest for Trini, but I believe he was also a Red Herring for the White Ranger. Many could believe he was a new character introduced to slowly become the White Ranger. Now, it wasn't introduced that he was a martial artist until Tommy was already the White Ranger, specifically "White Light Part 2". Then he disappeared. I believe it was a complete misfire at a Red Herring. He appeared in 12 episodes, the first being "The Beetle Invasion" and the last being "Opposites Attract." He was played by Maurice Mendoza.

I think Curtis wasn't a complete Red Herring but he really was a minor character and maybe he was designed to maybe potentially become a Ranger but it didn't really work out. He appeared in six episodes, first being "Green No More Part 1" and the last "Opposites Attract."

Brad Hawkins mentioned in his Interview with me that he has originally hired to play the new White Ranger. When I asked him what the name of the character was (if they had chosen a name by that time), all I could get from him was "yeah...i was supposed to play Jason David Frank's character....the white ranger...." But in all fairness, he is a busy guy and that isn't his world anymore. Maybe they didn't have a name. Maybe he doesn't remember the name. I hope by posting this, it calls him out again and maybe we can discover what the character's name was, the Ranger that Never Was.


By Zeo, the Red Herring technique was used much more heavily and obviously. You'll see what I mean. Funny thing is that Brad Hawkins was hired to be the White Ranger and then became a VR Trooper when Jason Frank was brought in to be the White Ranger and in the end, Brad was the voiceover for the Gold Ranger (for seven episodes) before Trey of Triforia was introduced.

Billy was the biggest Red Herring of all. I mean, he was the most logical candidate to be a Ranger since he was once a Ranger. He also kept disappearing and the Rangers suspected something was going on. Unfortunately, when Trey tried transferring the powers, it couldn't go to Billy because he touched the exploding Command Center controls, it did not permit him to be a Ranger again. One can suppose that Billy kept disappearing to build the Turbo powers, but it was never confirmed on the show, some rumors indicate that was the idea. David Yost expressed afterwards he never had hard feelings for not being a Ranger again.

In one episode "Instrument of Destruction" of Zeo, it was alluded to that Skull could possibly be a contender to be a Ranger. Adam discovered he was a good organist. The Gold Ranger had not been introduced at the time yet, but it was the first episode to exclusively feature just Skull and fans on the internet already knew about the Gold Ranger and wondered if Skull was going to become a Ranger.

David Trueheart
Tommy found out he was a Native-American of a specific tribe and found out he had a brother (his real life brother who passed away in 2001). He was indeed a Red Herring for the Gold Ranger. I thought the guy Tommy was running through the Cogs to the Command Center was his brother but it turned out to be Jason. David was also established to have good fighting skills. Linkara (who has done the History of Power Rangers on the internet) also sited that they should have chosen David to replace Rocky, not Justin.


Manny said...

I don't remember but didn't Tommy have a long lost Brother? I always thought he was a red herring for the Gold Ranger

Anonymous said...

wasnt he his real brother in true life

Carol G said...

Actually Erik Frank, played Tommy's lost brother, is in real life brothers with Jason Frank. Erik Frank unfortunately now deceased. So is Trini the original yellow ranger, her love interest Richy (Maurice Mendoza) and the actress that was the first to play Rita repulsa and also Zordons voice.