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Citizens that know the identity of the Power Rangers

I thought it would be interesting to cover the people (humans, aliens, mythical beings, etc.) the Power Rangers entrusted with their secret, well in those cases that thy have to keep it a secret. I also have those entrusted individuals to help them, if it isn't a secret--like Lightspeed, SPD, Operation Overdrive and RPM. I am sure I am missing somebody. Let me know.

Rocky, Aisha, & Adam
Before they became Rangers, they discover the Rangers' identities when Billy started suffocating in a cave and needed to talk off his helmet. Zordon had them recite a speech in unison to keep the secret. They later became Rangers of course. Kat, was not entrusted at first as she was made evil by Rita. But she did know their identities... thanks to Rita of course.

She is an Aquitarian, she becomes Billy's girlfriend and ultimately his reason he moves to Aquitar.

David Trueheart
Tommy found out he was a native-american of a specific tribe in Zeo and found out he had a brother. He entrusted him with the secret that he was a Ranger. He never appeared after Zeo.

Bulk & Skull
They find out the second incarnation of the team's identity in Season 2 but forget due to a monster after saving the day. Ultimately, they found out the identity of the Space rangers when the city of Angel Grove was under attack by Astronema. The whole city of Angel Grove including Adelle found out their identities. Bulk also found out the identity of the Lost Galaxy Rangers when they crash landed on Mirinoi.


Forgot about her too, she was important as she caught Carlos morphing and then later helped Andros don the Battlizer... well 'help' as in press a button when she was not suppose to.


Even thought Lightspeed's identities were public knowledge, Nancy was the only one not part of the organization to interact with the Rangers.

Marina was a mermaid that fell for Chad, she helped the Rangers out when her father's trident was stolen. She appeared in 2 episodes.

Mr. Collins
Wes' father found out his son was a Ranger when his helmet smash open.

Dr. Zaskin
Dr. Zaskin is a scientist who works for Bio-Lab. His daughter was kidnapped. He told Wes that he's father cared about him. Dr. Zaskin was in charge of duplicating Quantum power.

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I forgot the cute little photographer Katie befriends and he discovers the identity of the Rangers and was going to reveal them but has a 'change of heart.'

Danny had a big crush on Kendall but couldn't tell her how he felt nor about his identity but when she and a suitor were in danger, she found out and understood why he had to keep a secret.

Mr. Enrille
Alyssa's dad found out his daughter's true identity when he saw the White Ranger using the family technique.

Shane helped an alien being chased by a bounty hunter. The alien returned years later to pay him back. She knew his identity as she followed him around. She died and he got the Battlizer.


Devin and Cassidy
Cassidy was seeking to find the identities of the Rangers and when she did find out, she wanted to spill but after Devin's urging, she eventually figured out it wasn't worth betraying them.

Even though the SPD identities were public knowledge, he was the inside info and always interact with the Rangers. He betrayed them but ultimately went to help him.

Even though the SPD identities were public knowledge, she was one of the main reasons that Jack retired.


Toby and the rest of Briarwood
Phineas and Clare weren't Rangers but they were part of the team, Toby found out by the end with the rest of the city of Briarwood. The actor who played Toby also played Piggy.

An old friend of Andrew's, even though the PROO are public knowledge, she helped the Mercury Ranger. She was a TV talk show host and later reporter. Appeared in one ep.

Tyzonn's girlfriend.

Worker at Jungle Karma Pizza and friend, the Jungle Fury Rangers tried keeping their identity secret but she ultimately found out when they were in a jam.


Colonel Mason Truman and Corinth Government
Not exactly private citizens, as they were government and Truman had say with the Ranger team.

RPM Rangers' Parents
Summer's parents 'allowed' her to be a Ranger. Flynn's dad kept clipping of him being a Ranger.

Scorpion Cartel
Fresno Bob knew Ziggy was a Ranger and was indifferent to the whole Rangers vs. Venjix thing.

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Anonymous said...

the photographer from time force that befriended katie hes theo nly one missing

Anonymous said...

wait sophie she knows carlos and andros and she helped with the battlize..but then again all of angle grove knows the power rangers

flamemario12 said...

Great post! Can you post a citizen that know the identity of super sentai,please?

Anonymous said...

Marge from MMPR. She recognized Billy's voice when all five appeared to rescue her.

Anonymous said...

How about Shane's brother from Ninja Storm?

Sonic Ranger said...

Alyssa shared her secret with her kindergarten class so you might add that to the list

Sonic Ranger said...

What about Alyssa's class?