Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poll Results: Your Gender / Buy Rita Figure / Who Would Win? #6

Rito vs. Gasha Skull
Rito teleported away and ended up in Japan in a rock concert and they fought it out. 83 of 133 fans say Gasha would win.

Gluto vs. Don Dorunero
97 of 117 votes that Don Dorunero would kick Gluto's butt, quite frankly anyone could.

Zurgane vs. Zeltrax
If they would battle it out, 83 of 112 fans say Zeltrax would win.

Goldar vs. Ecliptor
76 of 127 fans say Ecliptor would win. Possibly during Countdown to Destruction ?

Bulk and Skull vs. Van and Trip
113 of 130 voted for Angel Grove's most beloved duo. Probably Bulk and Skull wen to visit the Hilhurst town and bumped into these two punks in a comic book store and had a nerd off.

Bulk and Skull vs. Cassidy and Devon
In Reefside, Bulk and Skull come to visit their old pal Tommy and encounter snobby and upty Cassidy. 108 of 131 say the Angel Grovers would 'win.'

Psycho Rangers vs. A-Squad SPD
124 of 138 say the Psychos would win. A wormhole sent the A-squad to where the Psycho Rangers were top dogs (for like a week) and of course since the A-Squad's helmets look like the helmets of the Space Rangers, the Psycho Rangers' contacts were at LensCrafters and they battled it out.


Would you really buy a Rita Repulsa Figure?
94 votes out of 231 -- Yes, No matter how it looks
61 -- Depends How It Looks
56 -- No, not at all
20 -- Depends on Price


What is your Gender?
Male -- 167 of 201 votes
Female - 24 votes
Don't Go By the Binary -- 10 votes

'Don't go by the Binary' means they don't label themselves. If you would label them, some would be understood as Transgender, Intersex, or Queer. Maybe some didn't understand it and selected it or just wanted to see what happened. I am not surprised there are so few female viewers of this blog, I was hoping it was more.

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