Friday, April 30, 2010

One-shot and ongoing non-hero Love Interests in Super Sentai

With Super Sentai, I did include the villainesses. I am missing many and many, let me know in the comments and I will add them.

Takeru loved the mysterious girl, he only knew her as Mio. She is the twin sister of Igam, sent by Tube as a spy aboveground, when she met and fell in love with Takeru. She was forced to leave Takeru to fulfill her duties as the new empress, though she still had feelings for him.

Rie Aoi
Ryu's fiancée, she became Maria, the villain, she had a tragic end.

Raita had this cavewoman girl he might when he was shout into the past and then he got married with Satsuki, his childhood sweetheart, in the last episode they had got married.

Media Sorcerer/Shouichirou Takamura
A monster, but had to put him here. He only appeared in 1 ep and was never mentioned again. He loved Lin and she loved him. He had to suck the energy out of her but felt bad about it and didn't let it happen. He stood up to Gara but she killed him and used him as a puppet, which made Lin mad.

Daigo wouldn't give up the immortal, out for vengeance with the evil Gara. She ended up dying but became a goddess, along with her friend, the real Gara.

Ritchihiker wanted her power stone, Naoki (blue) had a crush on her but he was very nervous around women but he protected her. She kissed him on the cheek at the end and he fainted. Episode 23.

Zonette was in love with him, Kyousuke fell in love with her. It eventually made the rest of Bowzock help the Carranger defeat Exhaus. In the end, Zonette still loved Kyousuke Jinnai even if she was no longer on Earth.

Suzuko Mizusawa
Gouki fell in love with young Yuuta's homeroom teacher Suzuko. But he had a love rival.

Miharu was the love of Hayate's life and she was turned to stone and sunk under the lake along with the rest of the Ginga Forest.

Honami is a reporter who had a crush on Time Yellow, Domon has a crush on her but sadly she believed Ayase is Time Yellow. She took pictures of their true identities but ultimately kept them to herself. Homani has a child named Domon Junior by the end.

Gaoranger, 2001
Soutarou had a crush on her, she owned a flower shop. Eyeglasses Org took over her body. After the final battle, he and Shi-chan worked together on a ranch.

A teen idol that Shinkenger disguises himself as and gets a love spell put on him and dates Natsumi. The actor was MegaBlue.

Raiina Hime
The princess of Asutoramu fourth planet in Hurricanger: Shushutto the movie. Had a romantic connection with Yousuke.

Asuka and Mahoro
Love at the start and even Evorian the mucking it up, couldn't let it stand in the way. Evorian basically hijacked Mahoro's body--making Jannu, raped her with Asuka's seed, making Kasumi/Rije. Asuka didn't even let death get in the way, in the end they ended up together and raised Kasumi.


She is a wise woman who has knowledge of all space herbs and changed herself into a human girl. Sen-chan had a crush.

Hoji had an ill-fated romance with her.

Yamazaki Yuka
Magiranger, 2005
Kai's soccer team manager and fellow student that he had a crush on but unfortunately she had the hots for MagiRed or red magician as she referred him to. In the end, she figured it out and was in love with Kai.

She has a flower store and Makito wins her heart eventually. She appeared in 2 episodes.

Houka's eccentric photographer friend who she was to marry because he had a death mark by a monster and wanted to make his last moments wonderful. But they later didn't marry. He appeared in 2 episodes.

She appeared in one episode as a love interest for Tsubasa but she was involved with a monster and later had to go. She was a siren or something like that.

She is considered a burglar, trying to find a Precious that the Jaryuu are after as well. She had a connection with Souta.

She was one of the Thief Sisters that fell for Retsu, or rather he did when she got him drunk.

He is a young popular flutist who was saved from Speaker Banki by Saki in Episode 6. Sousuke believed she was in love with him. He helped her point out a weakpoint in the monster.


Sean Akizuki said...

If I'm to talk, I'm just glad that Kyosuke doesn't have to suffer as much like Takeru with Ial as well as Ryu with Maria. Hmmm strangely they're all red rangers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the Go-onger example counts. The joke of the episode was the whole team, especially Sosuke, freaking out thinking this guy was Saki's boyfriend but really she was just asking him for advice on how to defeat the Banki.

More examples:

Go-on Green and Kegareshia (Go-onger) - Green fell for Kegareshia in episode 14 when she was disguised as a human, he seemed to have a crush on her in other episodes (like saying she was pretty)

Satsuki (Jetman) - Was supposed to have an arranged marriage with Raita/Yellow Owl, in the last episode they had got married

Dan (Jetman) - Had a crush on Ako throughout the series, she didn't seem to realise her feelings for him until he was killed at the end

Miyu (Boukenger) - The cat girl Blue rescued in episode 38

Those flowery burglar sisters (Gekiranger) - One of them kissed Blue in ep36

GoGoV had Pink fall for some guy who went on to marry her friend, but I can't remember much about that one.

Sean Akizuki said...

In Fiveman, Kasumi once fell for a scientist in episode 22, played by Ryousuke Kaizu who played Red Mask.

In Bioman, Red One had an "arranged marriage" going on.

Anonymous said...

What about Rei, Tsubasa's girlfriend in Magiranger?