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One-shot and ongoing non-Ranger Love Interests in Power Rangers

We are aware of all the Inter-team Ranger romances, I am not covering them here. I am covering non-Rangers, also not villains (Astronema, who later became a Ranger and also Nadira) or Dr. K or Angela Fairweather. I am only covering the people who appeared in either one episode or a few.

We first see her in "Foul Play in the Sky" and she continue to blow Zack off until "Oyster Stew," the last episode of the first season. She appeared in various episodes. She went out on a date with Zack to see a movie but because of his Ranger duties, he had to go out early.

In "Peace, Love & Woe," Billy meets a kindred spirit in Marge, who only appeared in one episode.

Trini clearly had a crush on the new kid in the 2nd Season. But because Thuy Trang was fired, he was never seen again and the storyline went nowhere.

Marissa was one of those classic 'meet the girl in the past and then meet her descendant in the present time.' She appeared in the "Return of the Green Ranger" two-parter, filmed in Australia. The Rangers were sent to Colonial times and she helped them out.

Well, no actual chemistry but she had a crush on Billy, as she made a statue of him.
"Blue Ranger Gone Bad"

Tanya began to date the school's most beloved and arrogant athlete because he needed a tutor. He first wanted to cheat on a test and second he didn't support to join the baseball team, she broke up with him. Then she discovered he was dating Veronica, he lost due to a fighting match with Adam. I didn't like him when the episodes first aired but come to think about it, it was smart to have Tanya have a boyfriend who was a walking warning.

In Zeo, Jason met Emily, whom passed her time with a 'trouble-making' gang of bikers. Jason decided to approach her, noticing she was good and convinced her to stop her friends from terrorizing Ernie's. She managed to convince her friends to leave the restaurant alone. Emily then worked at Ernie's. She appeared in a group of episodes.

Better known as Katlin in VR Troopers, Sarah Brown came in to play a potential love interest to Tommy in a three-parter, the closest thing to a VR Trooper teamup.
"There's No Business Like Snow Business"

Jennifer was Rocky's computer class partner, he complained about her, Adam brought it to his attention that he might like her. He asked her out on a date and Jennifer apologized for how she'd been treating him, explaining that she was working hard to get a scholarship to college. So, she turned him down, claiming that she was busy Friday night.
"Target Rangers"

My favorite character in Zeo, Penny was an incredible martial artist who happen to be blind. Penny made it quite clear that she didn't want anyone's sympathy nor help. She thought he was trying too hard to be nice to her just cause she's blind, but he said he was trying to get to know her. She somehow didn't detect he was a Power Ranger through his voice.
"Trust In Me"

She is an Aquitarian, she becomes Billy's girlfriend and ultimately his reason he moves to Aquitar.

UPDATED 5/7/10

Cassie's friend that Cassie and Ashley fought for in the episode "Rival Rangers." He was a nice guy and wanted to learn to dance. In the end, he asked another girl--Glenda to dance at the big dance instead of Cass and Ash. The actor also played Robert in "Built for Speed," name unknown.

Kai had a crush on her. This is the one Power Ranger I have never seen and didn't have the urge to see it to be honest. He thought she had a groom but she was just a bridesmaid.
"The Blue Crush"

Ginger had a overprotective brother that Leo had to prove himself to. She was kidnapped by the villains and Leo saved her.
"A Red Romance"

She seemed to be the only other African-American, she had a connection with Damon. She had car trouble.
"Dream Battle"

Haley is a captured slave of Captain Mutiny. She clicked with Mike. He helped her and her grandfather and he lost his Magna Defender powers but was able to get everyone out of the Lost Galaxy.
"Escape the Lost Galaxy"

Marina was a mermaid that fell for Chad, she helped the Rangers out when her father's trident was stolen. She appeared in 2 episodes.

Danny had a big crush on Kendall but couldn't tell her how he felt nor about his identity but when she and a suitor were in danger, she found out and understood why he had to keep a secret.

Shane helped an alien being chased by a bounty hunter. The alien returned years later to pay him back. She knew his identity as she followed him around. She died and he got the Battlizer.

She dated Ethan a bit.

Krista was a tree-hugger and had Conner turn around and he saved her but they didn't really have much in common. The actress (Antonia Prebble) went on to play Clare in Mystic Force. For more on that, check out this post.

Even though the SPD identities were public knowledge, she was one of the main reasons that Jack retired. She appeared in the last three episodes.

Doggy's wife Isinia, he rescued from Grumm.


Tyzonn's girlfriend, he thought she was dead but she wasn't.


Fran went with Dominick cross-country and they had a common interest in books.

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Nice article! Just wanted to point out a small error - Krista's actress did play Claire, but that was in Mystic Force. Dino Thunder was the season Krista's character was in.

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Nice...! I like it..
but where's Ninja Storm? Tori and Blake?
Marah (a villain in Ninja Storm) once as love interest in Dustin

overall, it's great!!! :)

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Go look at Ranger Romances post I did. This is Rangers with civilians.