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Inter-Team Power Ranger Romances

I didn't want to cover these but since I already did for Sentai, I did want to feel to do it. I am not covering little bits of chemistry like Tanya and Adam or Leo and Kendrix (for example). AND the reason I put the villains in this one and the villains in the one-shot for Sentai was because Sentai lists are so much bigger. And the one-shot romances was way long for Power Rangers so I put the villainesses in this one. Next I will cover love between villains themselves.

Kimberly and Tommy
Ah, the romance to start all ranger-romances. Young love. Hearts flew when Kimberly first saw Tommy. They had lots of adversity in their love, such as him being evil, him loosing his powers, gaining them again, loosing them again, and then her loosing her powers and leaving to achieve her dream of being a gymnast. The only Rangers to ever kiss.

Tommy and Katherine
In Zeo, Kimberly gave him a 'Dear John' letter and Katherine tried to set him up with Heather but in the end, they ended up together. It was only natural as she was trying to wedge herself between him in Kim in Season 3 of MMPR. In Zeo, they even where seen in the future as grandparents. In Turbo after the movie, the romance wasn't addressed.

Cassie and Phantom Ranger
Cassie never saw him out of his uniform but for some reason, fell for him and this went on over into Power Rangers in Space.

Andros and Ashley
At first in Turbo, there seemed to be some connection between Ashley and Carlos but by PRiS, she clearly fell for Andros. He even got jealous when Zhane got in the picture. He even left his home planet to go off with her.

Astronema and Zhane
She got injured by her own monster, he took care of her and knew there was some good in her. She wanted to deny it and thought it was a trick at first as she never had love before. We thought this was going to be only for one episode until when he came back and Andros told him she is his sister and he mentioned their encounter and Andros instantly got jealous.

Angela Fairweather and Joel
Joel tried all year and finally got his woman by the end. They got married and were going to their honeymoon by the Time Force teamup.

Jen and Alex
They got engaged, she thought he died and then went to the past. She had to face his ancestor and hold on to the memory of her fiance. He came back, wasn't the same, she broke off the engagement.

Jen and WesHe looked just like her fiance, mainly because Wes is his direct ancestor, even shared the same DNA. But Wes was different, Wes was more caring, more goofy. She fell in love with him, but they couldn't be together because time seperated them.

Lucas and Nadira
When Nadira read Lucas' diary and thought he was talking about her, he was talking about her car.

Merrick and Shayla
Adding to the mystery of the past, there was a romance between Shayla and Merrick, which didn't happen in Gaoranger. But Merrick didn't want to get back with Shayla. Don't blame him. But they did get together with a karaoke duet for the Deer Zord. But in the finale, Merrick rather go with his wolf demon across the country other than the Princess.

Taylor and Eric
The first cross-team romance, it only occurred in the two-parter so it didn't really blossom. They were too tight-ass tough asses. They clashed heads when Eric gave her a ticket, apparently with no mutants from the future, the Silver Guardians gave tickets.

Tori and Blake
They went out on dates and there was clear attraction. But when there was the team-up in Dino Thunder, their relationship was not addressed. They certainly had more interaction than their counterparts in Hurricanger.

Trent and Kira
There was clear romance in the air between trouble artist Trent and musician Kira, and history was repeating itself with the girl Ranger with the dangerous evil Ranger. There was even jealous in the air when Kira got a crush on Blake. But somehow after Trent became good, the love fizzled out.


Nick and Madison
Ars Amatoria has them as 'chemistry' but it was clear that it was an arc throughout the season. As there was clear chemistry between them and she said she would hold unto his blanket in the final episode. I wish there was more to it. Surely Madison had a lot of growing to do, as she was shy and didn't change much and needed to break out of the shell.

Udonna and Leanbow
Udonna was young with a baby child when Leanbow went off to fight. She lost him and her sister and then her baby. Poor lady. But in the end, she got her husband and son back.

Theo and Lilly
Ah, they were friends for years and Theo clearly wanted to be more than friends, even got jealous of the friendship between her and Casey. In the end, they were going to date.

Jarrod and Camille
Because of Gekiranger, they had to squeeze in love between Camille and Jarrod. Somehow, Camille had to fall in love with Jarrod and not Dai Shi. It was confusing, but somehow her humanity was peaking through.


 Summer and Dillon
Ah, Summer and Dillon. Instant connection, they complete each others' sentences and read each others' minds. They almost kissed but alas, never got to. They went off to travel the world together.

Ziggy and Dr. K
She couldn't explain the attraction, she found it illogical and wanted to deny it. But it was obvious to Ziggy and Summer. She never could say his name... until the end.

Flynn and Gema
Alas, their attraction was only hinted upon in one episode and Gem stood in the way.

Some Pictures thanks to Ars Amatoria


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Personally, I think that Merrick can do better than Shayla. As for Princess Shayla herself, I think that she should go for Prince Dex of Masked Rider. All I'm saying.

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Trent and kira love is still their but they hiding it like hiccup and astrid