Thursday, April 29, 2010

Citizens that know the identity of the Super Sentai (This Decade)

Since I covered the Power Rangers, FlameMario12 wanted me to cover Super Sentai which is a big task into itself. I decided to do them by decades as it is a much bigger list than Power Rangers.

Gaoranger, 2001
Soutarou had a crush on her, she owned a flower shop. Eyeglasses Org took over her body. After the final battle, he and Shi-chan worked together on a ranch.

Sae's Father
Sae's father runs a dojo, he saw Gao White use his technique and then realized she was his daughter and was very proud of her.

Naruko "Meiko" Bito
Hurricanger, 2002
Kouta's sister,
She saw the Goraijer de-transform. She knew he went to a ninja school but didn't know he was Hurricanger. She put pieces together that Kouta was a Hurricanger. But as soon as she tried to have him answer, Shurikenger came along in the guise of Kouta. At the airport, she called him a Hurricanger and one of Oboro's hypnotizing robots popped up but they stopped it from erasing her memory.

Kouta's grandmother spirit
She followed Kouta everywhere he went as she was a spirit. She was hit by reviving energy by a monster and became a young woman.

Ryuunosuke Sugishita
Abaranger, 2003
He is 63 and manages "The Dinosaur." He almost became AbareBlue.

Emiri Imanaka
A teenage girl fashion student. She tired becoming Abare Pink, she kept their secret.

Mai Hakua
Ryoga's niece.

Pachy Bonds/Barnes (?)
Baseball player


Like SPD, the Rangers' identities were public knowledge. For Dekaranger, there was also the ESP-er Hikaru and the android Flora but I couldn't find pictures.
Zoinaian Bettonin
Dekaranger, 2004
He is an alien who crashed landed in Kyoto during the Feudal Era Japan who was made to believe by Aburera that the Dekarangers were invaders with bad intentions.

Amy is a huge baby who was thought to be lost but was really kidnapped.

He was arrested of a false crime of kidnapping a child.

She is a wise woman who has knowledge of all space herbs and changed herself into a human girl.

Yamazaki Yuka
Magiranger, 2005
Kai's soccer team manager and fellow student that he had a crush on but unfortunately she had the hots for MagiRed or red magician as she referred him to. She figured out Kai's identity on her own in the movie, she told him she would keep it a secret, but it was not mentioned again in the show.

The Boukengers' identities were public knowledge, they had business cards.
Kazuko Karamonoya
Boukenger, 2006
The Boukenger go to her import store for a Precious. She later reveals to Natsuki, in a way, that she is the last of the Lemuria Civilization which Zuban is from.

In Task 3 of Boukenger, a guy discovered their identities as Boukengers.

She is considered a burglar, trying to find a Precious that the Jaryuu are after as well. SIt is later alluded to that she is Princess Kaguya.

Akashi's dad
An adventurer who appears in the movie.

Eiji's mom
A demon Ashu who didn't let her being dead get her from helping her son.

Magi and Ragi
Of an ancient culture, Ragi was turned into Jayruu.

Toba Yuji
Toba was Souta's partner during his spy life. He kidnapped Souta for the Ashu Clan to find the loaction where SGS keeps the precious. He betrayed them and saved Souta when he set a bomb in the Quester Robo.

Gekiranger were also public knowledge.
Natsume Misaki
Gekiranger, 2007
Miki's young daughter, she later became Retsu's student.

Ran's mother
Appeared only in one episode. Didn't approve her being a Gekiranger, wanted her to be married.

Hanyon is the owner of Hanyon's Den of the Occult, an antique store that specalizes in the supernatural. She was in love with Bat Li. Appeared only in one episode.

Ken's Sister and Father
When Chopper came along, Sachiko Hisatsu did as well. She was integral in him joining the team.

Interpol Officer Lao Fan
She is transported to an island near Hong Kong in 'Movie Edition Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho! Hong Kong Decisive Battle.' She found out the group's identities.

Go-Onger were public knowledge.
Sakyou Kashiwagi
Go-Onger, 2008
Sakyou is Gunpei's former partner, they were cops together and he is now a detective.

Saki's devilish sister who sold the Ginjiro-1 for money. Appeared only in one episode.

Fui Toujirou
Sousuke's former race car team supervisor. He seemed unfazed that Sousuke was a Go-onger. Appeared only in one episode.

Richard Brown
Shinkenger, 2009
American, who wanted to learn how to be a samurai, he was really bad and was mistaken for good student and helped the Shinkenger in battle as 'Shinken Brown.' They decided not to erase his memory. Appeared only in one episode.

Shinkenger's Parents and Family
Above is Chiaki's dad, many of them are former Shinkenger. Also Kotoha's sick sister was supposed to be Shinken Yellow.

Tsukasa and the rest of the cast of Kamen Rider Decade
Tsukasa, Natsumi, Eijiro, Daiki and Yousuke traveled from their dimension to Shinkenger World. Daiki already knew the identity of the Shinkenger, the others saw them transform and Eijiro saw them all talking in his house.

Nozomu Amachi
Goseiger, 2010
His father and Professor Shuichiro Amachi doesn't know yet, the Goseigers live with them, I am sure they will find out one day. Hyde threatened to erase Nozomu's memory in the first episode but because Nozomu proved himself a good ally, he is the only human to know their secret.


Sean Akizuki said...

During the 90s here are some I could remember:

1.) In Jetman, we have Ako's friend who discovered her identity as a Jetman. That was in the episode against Voice Jigen.

2.) In Zyuranger, we have Satoshi as well as Euro and Eri who knew of their secret identities.

That' all I could remember.

Sean Akizuki said...

In Task 3 of Boukenger, a friend of Souta's discovered their identities as Boukengers.

Anonymous said...

who is the actress that played Selene in Boukenger?

Lavender Ranger said...

no idea.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Abareblue reveal his identity to Pachy Bonds in Abaranger, in the episode that was shown in PRDT Lost and Found in Translation?

Sean Akizuki said...

The name of the actress who plays Selene in Boukenger is... Nana Yanagisawa.