Sunday, May 2, 2010

Veteran Rangers that return for an Anniversary

Here are group of instances when past heroes came back to fight a new force. I am not counting Super Sentai World, I am talking about when one or two from each team come back, the individual, not the whole team.

Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai
In the teamup special that came out in August of 2001, three heroes from the past four years (not including a Timeranger) along with two from the past other decades. Go Yellow (1999), Ginga Blue (1998), Mega Pink (1997), Red Falcon from Liveman (1989), and Big One from JAKQ (1977). It was mostly like a clip show but each hero provided guidance to each Gaoranger. They fought an ancient Org, Rakushaasa. This was for the 25th anniversary.

"Forever Red"
Power Rangers Wild Force
A special episode of Power Rangers in 2002, the first teamup of its kind. It happened in Sentai before, but those were short specials, you never saw the actor's faces. They fought against the Machine Empire and Serpentra but the suits were of the Beetleborgs as many of the Machine costumes were without repair. Many fans disliked that they used a bike to destroy Serpentra but it was the contract with Bandai America to promote the bike that lead to that decision. This was for the 10th anniversary.

Boukenger vs. Super Sentai
For the teamup special in 2006 instead of having Magiranger versus Boukenger, they did like Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai and brought a member or two from old teams back. Magi Yellow (2005), Magi Shine (2005), Deka Break (2004), Abare Black (2003), and Hurricane Blue (2002). There was no Red Ranger from past teams except for Aka Red, a special hero only for the special. Deka Break and Magi Shine were both sixth Rangers, Magi Shine appeared transformed in the end. They all fought against a new monster named Chornos and past villains. This was for the 30th anniversary.

"Once A Ranger Part 1 & 2"
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
In a two-parter in 2007, they did like Gaoranger and brought individual Rangers back from past seasons and one from the decade before. MMPR Black (1994-1995), Blue Wind Ranger (2003), Yellow Dino Ranger (2004), SPD Red (2005), and Mystic Green (2006). They chose different rangers than Boukenger, except for Blue, which was the same. Unlike Gaoranger and Boukenger, there were two females in this team. They fought against Thrax, son of Zedd and Rita. It was rumored that they wanted Jack in the team but because the actor Brandon Jay McLaren dated the Emma Lahana (Kira) and had recently broken up, he chose not to return. This was for the 15th anniversary.

I am sure we will get another teamup like this either this year or next year in Super Sentai. I hope they continue this tradition.

Who I think they will pick for the next anniversary team-up is Gosei Red, Shinken Pink, Go-On Green, and Geki Blue. I would pick Gosei Black, Shinken Pink, Go-On Silver, Geki Violet and female Shinken Red.


Hallwings said...

I honestly think that the reason they went with Bridge as the Red SPD Ranger was because he was arguably the most popular member of the team. Besides, IMHO, his explanation on how he became the Red Ranger was the best part of "Once a Ranger."

As for the 35th Anniversary Team-up, I think they should use the original Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green scheme. I don't know for sure who would be the other colors, but I think they should go with Red Turbo for the Aka no Senshi.

Anonymous said...

I think ShinkenRed (Takeru) is too popular not to be brought back for the next anniversary, if they can still get his actor back by then. Go-on Gold's actor is a big tokusatsu fan and returned for Kamen Rider Decade, so I'm sure he would also do the next anniversary team-up if asked

Sebastien Pitches said...

My Dream Team for Sentai Would be:
Geki Violet
Go-on Blue
Shinken Yellow
Gosei Black

THAT is whom i believe deserve to come back for the 35th anniversary

Anonymous said...

This is right!! Celebrat 35th anniversary of Super Sentai in 2012(the end of the world?!!)!! You know?


Lavender Ranger said...

Masanori, you are funny

sebastien pitches said...

CALM DOWN!!!!! *Laughing Out Loud*
masanori, the world is not going to end, the mayan calendar ends, and we use the gregorian calendar so it can't be the end of the world.

and besides, the mayans are just incompetent so just calm down masanori

Mr. Smith said...

I discussed this on my own blog. I would like to break away from "having rangers only from the previous 4 or 5 seasons." I would also have 7 rangers, instead of 5 or 6. Some Sentai seasons such as Dekaranger and Go-Onger have 7 rangers. So my picks would be Takeru (Shinkenred), Gou (Gekiviolet), Jasmine (Dekayellow), Sakura (Boukenpink), Agri (Goseiger black), Miu (Go-On Silver), and Hiroto (Go-On Gold).

Gibken said...

I liked that team of "Retro Rangers" of "Once a Ranger". To me, they remind me of the "Sentai Dream Team" of Gaoranger vs Super Sentai.

Black Morphin Ranger-Big One
Yellow Dino Ranger-Red Falcon
Blue Wind Ranger-Mega Pink
Green Mystic Ranger-Ginga Blue
& SPD Red Ranger(Bridge)-Go Yellow!