Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Children to Evil Fathers

Father's Day is not until Sunday, but since I did this for Mother's Day, here are children (Super Sentai and Power Rangers) to evil fathers.

Grifforzer's Son
He just born and then trapped with his parents in a dumpster, he had a human face. That's it. And in Zyuranger, Burai and Geki had a evil daddy too.

Akomaru is Shadam's son, raised to be a Gorma. He had a vendetta against Kibaranger, who turned out to be his twin brother--he even disguised himself as Kou's lady love, creepy! He died in a cave collapse with his mommy.

Yes, he was the Kibaranger but he also was half Dai and half Gorma, his gorma side had to blocked with a tiger burn. He often fought his dad.

Rita Repulsa
Daughter of Master Vile, he didn't attend her wedding and didn't approve of Zedd.

Gasha Skull / Rito Repulso
Gasha was son of DaiMaou and Rito was son of Master Vile. DaiMaou killed Gasha. Rito was lucky enough to live. We didn't see him die in Countdown to Destruction, but it was assumed he did.

Prince Sprocket / Buldont
Buldont had avid competition with his dad Bacha-Rage and that sort of carried on in Zeo, he had to prove himself to Mondo, but when Mondo was gone, Sprocket was loyal to Mondo.

Kaiser Buldont / Prince Gasket
Kaiser Buldont and Buldont were the same person, but Prince Gasket was the first born of two. It was said that Prince Gasket didn't get along with his dad Mondo.

Ransik's daughter was vapid and shallow but slowly grew a heart. She was the one to bring Ransik to the good side.

Only for one episode, because Zeltrax used his DNA and made Goldenrod, who called him 'father.'

Rita and Zedd's son, he was ashamed that his parents became good. He was destroyed by the Power Rangers.


Sean Akizuki said...

In Bioman, we have Shuichi the son of Doctorman.

Mugen said...

Buldont's competition with his Dad makes sense. Keep in mind that he is heir to the throne, so Bacchus sees it as a good way to train and prepare him.