Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to watch Super Sentai

It used to be real hard to watch Super Sentai back in the day (90's and early 2000's) because there was no streaming, no youtube and no constant subtitlers like #TV-Nihon. but oh well. What you had to do was buy online from websites tapes with subtitles, but 4 episodes per tape, that could go from $20 to $50 and to get a whole series of 50, let's not event talk about it! Nowadays, people download the episodes for free. TV-Nihon subtitles it for free, many fans complain about how long it takes them to release an episode but I say be thankful for what you got. Anyhoo, I am making this post for whoever doesn't know how to see episodes.

Youtube changes from time to time, what you can get for sure is the latest season and ones from a couple eyars ago, for example like Gekiranger (2007), Go-Onger (2008) and even as far as Abaranger, at times. Older series are hard to find with subtitles and even harder with good subtitles. Tv-Nihon is currently working with Dairanger, that's awesome. I own the whole series of Dairanger but 2 episodes are bad quality and all of them have no subtitles.

Anyhoo... you can see episodes online live streaming the day they air. You can use KeyHoleTv that let's you see Japanese TV live, you just have download it and look for TV Asahi. I have a mac and there is a mac version.

Super Sentai episodes ALWAYS air at 7:30 am on Sunday mornings in Japan. They are ahead of us, so when it is Sunday morning there, it is Saturday afternoon here. Here is how to watch in the U.S. and Canada:
EASTERN STANDARD TIME - Saturday 6:30pm (March to October/Spring & Summer)
EASTERN STANDARD TIME - Saturday 5:30pm (October to March/Winter)
WESTERN STANDARD TIME - Saturday 3:30 pm (March to October/Spring & Summer)
WESTERN STANDARD TIME - Saturday 2:30pm (October to March/Winter)

Kamen Rider episodes ALWAYS air at 8 am on Sunday mornings in Japan. Here is how to watch in the U.S. and Canada:
EST - Saturday 7pm (March to October/Spring & Summer)
EST - Saturday 6pm (October to March/Winter)
CST - Saturday 6pm
WST - Saturday 4 pm (March to October/Spring & Summer)
WST - Saturday 3 pm (October to March/Winter)


DIz said...

Wow...the episodes are translated, encoded, and uploaded free of charge (within a week of airing in Japan, no less) and people complain?!?!?

This last weeks' episodes were released a day earlier, by the way. :)

I donate $50 for every season of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai I download from them, as I feel it's worth the investment. Everyone else who complains can go to hell.

Kuhan said...

I'd suggest updating this with subbers like over-time and GUIS which usually get it up within a few days. over-time's usually out on Sunday, the day after the episode airs.