Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poll Results: Disney Dropped PR / KRDK failed / Purple Ranger Gender

104 of 203 fans believe it was incompetence that caused Disney to drop out of Power Rangers. 89 of 164 fans say it was delayed promotion that made KRDK get canceled. And 93 of 138 voted that they would prefer the next Purple or Violet Ranger to be female instead of male.

Why do you think that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Failed?
Delayed Promotion - 89 of 164
Writing - 21
Show's Arc-y Nature - 20
Acting - 18
Crappy Toys - 16

I think one of the many reasons that Dragon Knight failed was because of delayed promotion. It took forever for the toys to come out. Usually with new franchises, the toys come out first. Everyone knows that is the best way to lead to a successful children's franchise. Entice them with the toys first. That is how Power Rangers started. Also, I think they should have to released the Siren and Xaviax figures earlier too.

Why do you think Disney dropped out of Power Rangers?
Incompetence - 104 of 203
Money - 64
Control - 22
Violence (Disney claimed parents didn't like the violence) - 13

The Next Purple/Violet Ranger Should Be...
Female - 93 of 138
Male - 45

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