Sunday, June 20, 2010

Polls: Bandai America and Power Coins

I wanna explain the latest polls...

What do you think about Bandai America releasing the Ninja Coins?
They better release Falcon
I hate how they are sold separately

Do you like the size of the new Power Coins?

Would you had rather have the Tiger symbol than the tiger animal in the coin?
What I mean is... Should they have made the tiger symbol to begin with and not the tiger animal coin in the first place. But wasn't it nice we now have the animal and the symbol? Complicated question, I know.

Is the design of the White Tiger Animal in par with that Dragonzord image on the early Green Ranger?
No Way
Kind Of
The early Green Ranger figure was released with that animal that looks like Titanus and for the Auto-Morphin figure, it came with a tattoo with the same image.

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