Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show Profile: GARO

I was thinking about what Tokusatsu series I had not yet mentioned on this blog and I know that there are a lot that I haven't yet. In 2005, this 25 episode long series started. According to Wikipedia, it is 'considered by some to be a turning point in tokusatsu entertainment, as it was marketed towards adults and older teenagers, as opposed to younger children. The show contains graphic violence, nudity, and mature themes.' I only saw one episode but did find it interesting, but when I am full of following a lot of series, I have no time to watch other series. Garo translates to Fanged Wolf and airs on TV Tokyo.

Kouga Saejima/Makai Knight protects humanity against dark demonic manifestations called "Horrors." In his quest to purge them, he encounters Kaoru whom he saved, but was stained with its demonic blood. As a rule, those that been stained by the blood of a Horror shall be cut down, or else they will die painfully in a time limit. Kouga tried to find a way to purify her before her time expires. The series was created and chief directed by Keita Amemiya (Kamen Rider ZO, Zeiram). It is directed by Makoto Yokoyama (Power Rangers) and Kengo Kaji (Uzumaki).

A special entitled GARO Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun aired on December 15 and December 22, 2006. In the aftermath events of GARO: Chapter of the Black Wolf, Kouga Saejima sets out to the northern district upon reassignment. Also, GARO Project is a Japanese musical ensemble featuring the cast of the GARO. They released two singles in 2006 that had the ending themes of the TV series and GARO Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun.

In July 2009, Tohokushinsha Film announced that a GARO feature film will be released in the fall of 2010 called GARO: Red Requiem. The story will be a theatrical adaptation of the show with Keita Amemiya directing. Red Requiem will use 3D technology developed by the Tohokushinsha group company Omnibus Japan.


shaider84 said...

Awesome series. I have the DVDs.

Son Goku said...

yes a very awesome series

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