Saturday, June 26, 2010

Poll Results: Ninja Coins / Tiger Symbol / Henshin Grid

Do you Like the Size of the New Power Coins?
62 of 110 - Yes
48 votes- No

What do you think about Bandai America releasing the Ninja Coins?
Finally! - 63 of 121
I Hate how they are sold separately - 33
They better release the Falcon coin - 25

Would you had rather have the Tiger symbol than the Tiger Animal in the coin?
Yes - 105 of 122
No - 17 votes
What I mean is... Should they have made the tiger symbol to begin with and not the tiger animal coin in the first place. But wasn't it nice we now have the animal and the symbol? Complicated question, I know.

Is the design of the White Tiger Animal in par with that Dragonzord image on the early Green Ranger?
Kind of - 52 of 98
No Way - 36 votes
Yes - 10

How did you discover the Henshin Grid Blog?
Through Google - 55 of 179
Other - 45
Through Ranger Central - 34
Through Super Sentai Time Capsule - 31
Through Ranger Board - 14
Word of Mouth - 0!

Okay, those 45 of you that voted 'Other', let me know on this post what is that other specifically. I am curious! Pretty please!

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