Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Side Profile Images of Rangers and Riders

Many ask me how I do the side profile images for my multiple sites Ranger Central, Super Sentai Time Capsule, Toku Central and the upcoming Kamen Rider Legacy. The images are from books and magazines. But a book is always released about almost everything of a series a bit after it has finished airing. The final book of Shinkenger is not out yet, probably because of the epilogue. My site partner Mike Bastian crops and edits these images to make this.

Here is the original Dairanger image, for example, most Super Sentai images are good:
The front side images is always bigger than the rest so it takes resizing. Most of the time, one of the side views has a black box with 'data' and each side has kanji.
Here is the final product.

Some are hard to crop, things are in the way. It needs the clone stamp and other photoshop tools.
Here is the final product.

Now Kamen Rider books are even harder to edit. The images are extremely hard to crop. Many fans have been asking us for a Kamen Rider site and they think its easy. It is not easy. There are a lot of Kamen Rider seasons and we had to buy the books and those things all together are extremely expensive. So after so many years, we have been able to work slowly on it. We started out with Masked Rider & Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on Toku Central and now working on Kamen Rider Legacy. Our Kamen Rider Legacy website isn't ready yet and not completely finish yet.
This is not the hardest one but I couldn't find the hardest one. I will and might replace it.
On the right side of the foot on the right, you can see the crease of the book because his foot was on another page! These are really hard to make!

This Agito one is hard to edit but Mike did it, somehow. Will be posting the final image soon.

So I just want people to appreciate the trouble we go through for you guys! We love you guys and we don't think we are big shots, we do this because we love it.

About the Kamen Rider Legacy Website:
It is not finished by any means. TBA means 'to be announced.' It is still a work in progress. Many of the sections are not completed, images, pages and text missing, we know what is missing and we are still working on it. Yes, we do plan to have all the Kamen Rider series (showa and heisei) eventually but NOT likely to be done by this year. For just a beginning base, it is a good foundation. It will take time.

UPDATED 7/1/10:
The Goseiger side views are from, they had pretty usable side views, my site partner modified them. They were easy to edit. As for other updates for Super, we are working on them but because of my filming fan fiction, work, life and my site partner working on Kamen Rider Legacy, it is going to take some time. And the Episode Guide for Super will lay dormant for now because I have no time to do it.


Mr. Nurgle said...

Loving what you have up of the Rider site. Do you plan on covering the Showa-era series as well or not?

Lavender Ranger said...

Mr. Nurgle, yes eventually. We plan to cover it all.

Anonymous said...

Loving the Super Sentai site but i was just wondering why the link to the gosei headers isnt working? ANd why the pics for shinken gold and shinken red 2 arent working aswell

Lavender Ranger said...

Anoymous, its not that they aren't working, we don't have images yet. In this post, I specifically say that the Shinkenger book is not out. As soon as they publish it, we buy and scan it, then the images will be uploaded.

Sebastien Pitches said...

if you said you do the side profile images via a book or magazine, how did you do goseigers side profile images and when are you going to update the super sentai episode guide with more shinkenger episodes and the goseiger episodes, and when are you going to put in the goseiger toy guide, and when are you going to update the goseiger page with more headders and goseiknight?

Sebastien Pitches said...

thanks, editing the goseiger side profile images is so easy an ugat can do it!

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