Sunday, June 20, 2010

Suit Actors for new characters in Goseiger

Hideaki Kusaka plays Gosei Great, he played Month Doreiku and since he's dead, he is now Kinggon. He is best known as Deka Master and Baboo, he does many many characters.

Riichi Seike played Geki Violet and Zuuban, he now has a steady gig as Buredoran.

Masaru Ōbayashi played Shitari in Shinkenger, which was fat and round and now joins the cast of Goseiger as Makuin.

Gosei Knight
Jiro Okamoto played Magi Shine and Shinken Gold, he was already playing Dereputa in Goseiger, but since he's dead, he's now playing Gosei Knight. He did the same thing in Magiranger, as he played Buranken and when he died, he played Magi Shine.

Gosei Green
He appeared in one episode (10) and he had no helmet but he was played by no other than Yasuhiro Takeuchi, who currently plays Gosei Red!

Naoko Kamio, who played Mega Pink and Master ShaFu, she now plays Datas, but she doesn't play Datas Hyper. 28 year-old unknown Daisuke Satō plays Datas Hyper, he previously played various Ayakashi, Nanashi company and various monsters in Goseiger.


Mugen said...

Okamoto clearly fits better as GoseiKnight than as ShinkenGold, where it was pretty obvious that the suit actor was not the same as Gentas actor...( yeah, I know that this is pretty much always the case, but it was extreme here, given that it looks like Genta gains some weight when he henshins. Especially as Hyper Shinken Gold )

Lavender Ranger said...

It's funny Mugen, that Jiro Okamoto has a nice body, he is a hulk. Bulky, but when Hyper Shinken Gold, his pouch was obvious. But I don't think eh is fat. But it wasn't as an obvious difference as Ziggy and his Ranger Green guy, when his 'helmet' came off, it was an incontrovertible difference.

Mugen said...

I'm not saying he is fat. It just does not fit if he plays ShinkenGold when Genta is rather slim.

Haven't seen RPM.