Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Sentai Family Members

Goggle Yellow's Dad
According to Chris X, the father of Kijima, he didn't like that he son became Goggle Five because he felt that he was abandoned by his own son. They did reconcile. Kijima is pictured above but not his dad.
Updated 6/22/10 10pm EST

Red One's Dad
Red One had a missing father who showed up in episode 43-44. His father had an important role being the rival of Dr. Man. He revealed his past with Dr. Man to his son. They met each other in the finale,when he sacrificed himself so the Biomen can escape Dr. Man's prison cell.


Flash Yellow's Dad
Sarah's father was looking for her, Sarah is pictured, not her dad.

Turbo Yellow's Brother
Turbo Yellow had a younger brother who got killed in a hit and run. He was only shown in flashback in episode 18. One episode, Turbo Blue's aunt but only in a flashback.


Updated 6/22/10 8pm EST
The Fiveman were brothers and sisters, their mother and father were thought to be killed, I didn't know because I only saw the first few episodes.


Red Hawk's grandmother figured out he was a Jetman. Ryu had a friend who knew he was a Jetman later on.

White Swan's parents appeared in episode 43 to meet Guy Yuki. Afterwards, they were not seen again even for Ryu and Kaori's wedding in the end of the series.

Yellow Owl's grandmother appeared in ep 47, she explained his fears. She took care of Raita while his parents worked in the fields during the day.


Burai was the brother of Geki. Basically Geki was given to a king and queen and Burai's dad was killed so he sought revenge against Geki, he was chronologically frozen but there was a mistake and he died.

Kou and Akomaru's Mother
Covered her for Mother's Day, she knew the identity of the Dairanger, mother of Akomaru and Kou.

Covered Shaddam for father's dad, father of Kou/Kibaranger and Akomaru.

Akomaru was the evil twin brother of Kibaranger.

Covered Ryu's dad for father's day. Ryu's mom was only seen in flashbacks. His dad sacrificed himself after killing his partners and betraying the Dai Tribe. Ryu also had a sister that was kidnapped once by the Gorma Baka.

Roudoshi Guhon and Shoukyou
Lin's great grand-uncle and Kaku's mentor, he gives the team Dairinken, Super Chi Power Bazooka, and placed the Byakoshinken in stone.

Tsurihime's father Hakamenrou first appeared in episode 31. He worked with the Youkai hoping to find Daimaou's weakness. When he found out, he was turned into stone but was restored at the end of the series.

The five heroes were 4 brothers and 1 sister, their dad was their mentor Mondo (not pictured). Their friend is with them in the photo above.

Tatsuya's parents
They were both rich. Yuuri's parents were killed by a villain.

Sae's dad
He was a martial arts teacher and was upset that his daughter wasn't studying, but then realized she was GaoWhite and using the family technique.

Naruko "Meiko" Bito
Kouta's sister.

Kouta's grandmother spirit
She followed Kouta everywhere he went as she was a spirit. She was hit by reviving energy by a monster and became a young woman.

Ikki Kasumi
The Goraijer's father.

The Goraijer were brothers.

Mai Hakua
Ryoga's niece from his sister.

The six Rangers were related, five shared a mother and Blue and Shine married each other. Miyuki was their mother and MagiMother. Wolzard (not pictured) turned out to be their father.

Akashi's dad
An adventurer who appears in the movie.

Eiji's mom
A demon Ashu who didn't let her being dead get her from helping her son.

Eiji's dad
He was an Ashu hunter but somehow made it with an Ashu to make Eiji and he was killed off by Gai.

Natsuki's parents appeared in flashback in episode 44. They were from an ancient civilization that sent her away into a brighter future. They were played by Kirinranger of Dairanger and MegaYellow.

Retsu and Gou
Let's Go! Brothers and Gekirangers.

Ran's mother
Appeared only in one episode. Didn't approve her being a Gekiranger, wanted her to be married.

Ken's Sister and Father
When Chopper came along, Sachiko Hisatsu did as well. She was integral in him joining the team.

Dan played an important part in the whole Rio/Jan thing. Played by the legendary Kenji Oba. Rio thought he killed Dan, but it was Ron who soften him up a bit before.

Nami is Jan's mother. She appeared in a flashback where she dropped Jan into a river for safety and she was murdered by Ron. She had a gekiwaza that was never offically explained what animal it was. My personal theory is that it was a tigress since her son's was a Tiger and his father's was a White Tiger.

Miu and Hiroto
Brother and Sister Go-On Wing.

Saki's Sister
Devilish sister, gets what she wants by manipulating men. Also, Retsu's mom passed away when he was young and his dad was not seen on camera but mentioned.

Kotoha's sister who was meant to be Shinken Yellow.

Ryunosuke's dad appeared in episode one. We also saw Takeru and Kouru's dads but I don't have a picture.

Chiaki's father appeared in episode twenty one.

Mako's parents made an appearance in episode 34 where it had a dramatic point whether she should stop being a ranger or not. In the end, they respected her decision. Mako's mom was played by the actress who played Miki in Gekiranger.

Agri and Moune
Brother and Sister, first time for just two (a brother and a sister) within the main team for Sentai, but had happen before with Dana and Ryan in Lightspeed Rescue. I know there have been multi-gendered sibling teams, but I mean the first time for a team of 5 to have 2 that are related that are girl and boy.


Mugen said...

Would the Landick sibling really count as first? Go Go V had already different gendered siblings....

Chris said...

What about Kaouru count, seeing as she adopted Takeru?

Sean Akizuki said...

Correction: The Fivemen's parents were thought to have been killed but they were actually still alive as revealed in the near finale.

Hallwings said...

Uh, the Hoshikawa parents weren't killed in "Fiveman." They were simply captured, and the Kyodai Senshi went to go rescue them at the end of the series.

There's more errors here, but I won't point them out right now.

ChrisX said...

Going for older series, one of the episodes in Goggle Five features the father of Goggle Yellow, who doesn't seem to take the fact about Kijima becoming Goggle Five well (he felt abandoned by his own son). Though, they did reconcile.

Man, Goggle Five gets so little love these days.

Lavender Ranger said...

ChrisX, it's nice to hear from you again! I haven't seen Goggle V, I think maybe some people get turned off by the costumes

ChrisX said...

One of these days, I better make a post about what turns people off from Goggle Five (Fantasy Leader did that to Bioman, should be similar). I should gather my resources first.

Costumes? What's wrong with the costumes? But I guess this is not the place to talk about it...

Sean Akizuki said...

For Megaranger, Chisato's grandmother also showed up who wanted Chisato to get a marriage interview. That was in Megaranger 28.

KAT349 said...

I know this was made 2010 but Tokatti has an older brother called Ryo in ToQger and the new Sentai Ninninger are cousins but not the red and White they're siblings