Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lord Z

In the United States, most Americans know that the letter "Z" is pronounced is 'Zee.' But in the rest of the world, the English letter "Z" is pronounced "Zed." For American fans, Lord Zedd's name is just a made up name, Zedd and that he has a 'Zee' staff. But British and Australian fans and others in the World (other countries that speak English) see Lord Zedd's name as a transliteration of the pronunciation of the letter 'Z', only with a extra 'd': Z = Zed + d. And Lord Zedd has a 'Zed' staff. I didn't notice this until I was in college and learned the letter 'Z' was pronounced 'zed.' I asked International fans before and they always thought Lord Zedd was a clever way at the letter 'Z' (zed). Even International children that didn't know how the tv show spelled his name, they wrote 'Lord Z.'

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Chynna said...

Here in Canada, we pronounce it as 'zed', though personally I use 'zee'. The alphabet song just wouldn't rhyme so well. (Q, R, S, T, U, V; W, X, Y and Zed)