Wednesday, July 28, 2010

X-Men/Power Rangers Tie-Ins

Also sent in by Tom Clark, this was Season 3 episode 17 of X-Men. When these guys appear you can hear the MMPR theme (w/out lyrics just the tune). X-Men was partially produced by the Saban company. Only the blue and pink rangers appear and they are clearly parodies, their chests kind of look like the toys where they had circles in the centers.
Advisory: If you are going to tell me about a sighting, you must have a picture. I am not covering parodies and just mentioning. I am only doing power ranger toys, t-shirts, posters, etc. in TV shows.

In around 1994, there were a string of Power Ranger/X-Men t-shirts and sweaters. My cousin had one of the Green Ranger and Beast (it was a sweater), I think they got rid of it, wish I had a picture of it. There were a few others but I forget the match-ups. I don't remember anyone with Wolverine, but I think there was a Red Ranger/Cyclops one and Gambit with another Ranger but I forget who, I don't think it was Black Ranger because I would have gotten it, I liked the Black Ranger.

This thanks to Tom Clark once again.



brainmush said...

Just browsing the internet for this topic.

I had a Red Ranger/Wolverine combo shirt when I was younger.

Anonymous said...

Gambit was on a shirt with the Blue Ranger. I remember because I begged my mom for it!