Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Power Rangers at Brand Licensing Europe 2010

The Brand Licensing Europe Expo 2010 was this week and Saban Brands was present. They had the five original Power Rangers in costumes and a banner with the original team saying 'classic icons' and on the bottom 'new heroes' with the Samurai team.

The following pictures taken by Espio the Chameleon/devletbek, a member of Rangerboard:

Espio the Chameleon/devletbek says there were Power Rangers 2010 toys there but was not allowed to take pictures. He spoke to Saban Brands President Elie Dekel and of course he could not reveal a lot but DVD boxsets could be in our future. It is under negotiation who will have the DVD distribution rights. A feature film depends on the reception of the PR return, even if it isn't as successful as it was in 1993, they might still go on with the film plans. The new season will start in August of 2011 in Europe, only having one guess it will be much earlier in the U.S.

The article below says: "Saban and its agent network is out in force at Brand Licensing Europe this week as part of its work to reintroduce the new Power Rangers product for Autumn 2011 with further product roll-out planned for Spring 2012." Those dates are for Europe, not the United States and Canada.

As for Kamen Rider Decade, devletbek was able to get this, this is paraphrased and not a quote: We are evaluating possible plans which may strengthen the Power Rangers brand and I have been told that footage of a crossover between the source footage of Kamen Rider and the source footage of Power Rangers has been acquired, whether it will be used within the series or saved for a possible DVD special is as of yet unknown as there are still license negotiations underway.

BLE 2010 Saban draws grand global Power Ranger plan

Here is the video, it has MMPR the movie footage with other PR seasons and in the end, Shinkenger footage and the Samurai logo.

Updated 10/2/10 11pm EST


Anonymous said...

Is it suppose to be august 2011?

elijah_brenton said...

No, Spymaster506, that date is set for Europe. Unless, you're in Europe, you have nothing to worry about. It's probably coming out much earlier in the states.

Anonymous said...

It was a typo when I first read the article, so that is why I said what I said

Lavender Ranger said...

true my bad.

Leena Roy said...

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