Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Group of Bad Guys in Goseiger

The Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis are the mechanized antagonists that first appear in episode 33. Composed of robotic beings, they are led by Emperor Robogōgu of the Tensai and his aide Metal Alice of the Agent. I find Metal Alice beautiful. But Robogogu does look a bit like a big white clunky Shredder (Ninja Turtles).


elijah_brenton said...

Oooh I like Metal Alice of the Agent. She's beautiful. I hope this last group make the show worth watching. I have to say, the only reason why I have been watching it is because I'm hoping that they'll finally mature and start fighting like Sentai before them. So far, they are the weakest team in Sentai period. The only thing I like about Goseiger is their suits designs and the main villain designs. Burderun's first form was his best form. Unfortunately, none of the villains nor the Goseiger has been able to fulfill how EPIC they could've been. I will say they have had some good episodes here and there but as for a series as a whole, it goes on the bottom of the list with Go-onger.

Anonymous said...

Robogogu reminds me of a Space Sheriff villain; he's very blocky and geometric, and mostly one color, makes me think of the Wahrer guys.

With this, this one show has basically hit every villain group type in Sentai: Alien invaders, supernatural monstrosities, killer robots. The exception seems to be human super-terrorists, but we haven't really seen them since JAKQ anyway.