Saturday, October 2, 2010

Longevity and Continuation of Power Rangers

I was thinking about the long road Power Rangers has taken from being a low-cost show taking footage from an existing Japanese franchise and re-purposing it with a Western cast and Western ideals and morals, that with all its fans, it was almost 'canceled' (used as an operative word since it never was officially canceled but new episodes were not produced for an entire year), we never had to form a petition to continue the show. Well, maybe a petition was made but I am not sure. There was an outcry about the re-version of the first season by fans but I think then we got the news Saban was taking over the franchise again and then we put hold on it all. For example, "Angel" was a popular series (being a spin-off from "Buffy") and was on the verge of being canceled by the WB after its 100 episodes and 5 seasons, fans had an outpouring of petitions, e-mails, postcards and letters to the WB and TV Guide not to cancel the show, but in the end, it was fruitless because the show did end being canceled.

In other cases, Family Guy was canceled by FOX and still was able to resurrect several years later after good ratings on the Cartoon Network and DVD sales. PR is so strong, it didn't even need us (the fans) to revive it. Haters can continue hating (Seth McFarlane if he's reading this) but it won't do anything. My point is that Power Rangers never had to resort to that, people may make fun of it but the fact of the matter is, even with its current hiatus of not being on the air right now at this second, Power Rangers has survived and will survive and hasn't been off the air in the relative sense of being canceled completely (albeit this hiatus right now which is relatively short in TV terms---what six months tops, right?). In other words, (deep sigh--I can't believe I'm typing this but....) Go Go Power Rangers!


Brad Sharp (Zaxxon Q Blaque) said...

I believe that it has also been able to survive with the, lack of a better term, closeted Power Rangers lovers; the people that are open with the hate of PR and spew such bile as "Man, Power Rangers are so ghey. That's a kid's show. It's so bad. What awful acting." yet secretly they watch and adore it and enjoy that little escape from the real world. So, the ratings still stay strong due to that. I even bet the closeted ones buy the merch and hide it somewhere, sort of as a secret shame. If any of you closeted Power Rangers lovers are reading this, c'mon, come out and play. It's not shameful to enjoy a show filled with morals, comedy, epic ongoing battles between good and evil, awesome martial arts and choreography, and sometimes even some pretty darn good special effects. Yes, it may be corny from time to time, but that is all part of the fun, too. It isn't meant to be serious, it's meant to be fun! ...and yes, prolly to sell some toys, too. :-P

Go go Power Rangers, indeed!!! ^_^

Lavender Ranger said...

It's funny because all my friends and family know I love Power Rangers but when I meet a new person, I dont instantly tell them, it slowly comes out. I sort of was closeted fan in high school. I am openly gay but shy about being a PR fanatic. But suddenly now it's 'cool.'