Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gokaiger Toys at Event

Pictures provided by gashunum from Rangerboard, he attended the event.

Joint Gattai Series: EngineOh and Gao King releases, they are smaller and can combine with each other to form a new robo, that might just be for the toys.

Left to Right: D-Magnums (Dekaranger), ShinkenMaru (Shinkenger), MagiPhone (Magiranger), Mobirates (henshin device) with Gokai Red Ranger Key, and Deka Red and Magi Red figures.

MagiDragon and GoukaiOh Deluxe.

Go-kai Galleon, Go-kai Jet, Go-kai Racer, Go-kai Marine, and Go-kai Trailer

Deluxe Mobirates (henshin device) comes with Go-On Red, Gokai Red and Shinken Red Ranger Key. Other Ranger keys sold separately.

GoukaiBuckle comes with green and pink keys

GokaiSabre comes with yellow key and GokaiGun comes with blue key

Candy Toy GokaiOh

Five Gokaiger figures, candy toy mecha and candy toy RangerKeys (one sold per package) of GokaiGreen, GokaiRed, GokaiBlue, Deka Red and MagiRed.

Figures and other merchandise

Various merchandise like Key Chains and Watches.

Ranger Key Set #1: Geki Red, Deka Red, Magi Red, Gao Red, VulEagle

Gashapon Ranger Keys: (top left to right) Goggle Red, Five Red, Mask Red, Ryuu (Dragon) Ranger, Ginga Red, (center left to right) Go Red, Gao Red, Abared, Bouken Red, (bottom left to right) Magi Red, GokaiPink, GokaiGreen, GokaiRed, GokaiBlue, GokaiYellow, and Deka Red


Anonymous said...

The GoukaiOh seems really cool on its own. But the combination with MagiDragon (MagiGoukaiOh) seems to be a little odd. But seems to be a pretty promising line.

James Spiring said...

Two minor mistakes at the end. Dragon Ranger is Zyuranger Green's name, the Dairanger red is Ryuu Ranger. Also, the Gokaiger key order is pink green red blue yellow, not pink green blue yellow red.