Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Thoughts on Power Rangers Samurai and Some Sentai History Confusion

Today as a substitute teacher I had Pre-Kindergarten, in which I asked the Power Rangers' target audience... four years-old (believe it or not) if they liked Power Rangers and the response was yes. They all called 'Samurai' by name. Though too young to understand Kanji, I didn't explain that, but I did tell them there would be a Gold Ranger and a female Red Ranger, showing them a picture on my phone. One boy did say, "My TV is broken. Power Rangers won't come." I figured out he meant that he saw the commercials but he thinks the TV is broken because he hasn't seen the show as of yet. I explained to him it had not yet started. That it would start 'soon.' He didn't understand in '2 weeks' or '10 days,' so I said 'tomorrow after tomorrow far away time' and he seemed to grasped that.

Okay, while I have your attention, I wanted to bring up some clarifications to some confusion about past Sentai. Many Sentai fans are getting a history course with Gokaiger, but some dodn't know all the names. One fan said there was a Denji Black. Above are the Denjiman, there was a Denji Green but no Denji Black. Dynaman had Green but no Black, maybe the fan meant that. Goggle V that came after Denjiman had Black and no Green.

Some fans got confused when people mentioned 'Black Bison.' They thought we meant Gao Black of Gaoranger, whose power was of the Bison, but no we meant Black Bison of Liveman. Also, the Green one was Green Sai (Sai is Rhino in Japanese), and it wasn't called Green Rhino, with Rhino in English.

Some names that are not so easy to remember...
VRV Master = Phantom Ranger
Bull Black = Magna Defender
Time Fire = Quantum Ranger
Gao Silver = Lunar Wolf Ranger
Kabuto Raiger = Crimson Ranger
Kuwagata Raiger = Navy Ranger
Gouraigers = Thunder Rangers
Deka Master = Shadow Ranger
Deka Break = Omega Ranger
Abare Killer = White Ranger
Geki Chopper = Rhino Ranger

Zyuranger are not ZyuBlack, ZyuRed, they are...
Red - Tyranno Ranger
Black - Mammoth Ranger
Yellow - Tiger Ranger
Pink - Ptera Ranger
Blue - Tricera Ranger
Green - Dragon Ranger

Dairanger were not DaiRed, DaiBlue, they were...
Red - Ryu Ranger
Blue - Tenma Ranger
Yellow - Kirin Ranger
Green - Shishi Ranger
Pink - Houhou Ranger
White - Kiba Ranger


Mark said...

Telling spoilers to small children is fun :)

Lavender Ranger said...

He asked me if there was going to be a movie, I said yes, he was excited.

Anonymous said...

But.. you don't know yet that there will truly be one... Or whether they use female shinken red or not.

Thanks for the names, I keep forgeting the names of the dairanger.
And I don't blame him for forgetting DenziGreen... Denjinmen are so Ugly!

Little kids are cute, aren't them!?

Lavender Ranger said...

what a movie? Yes, of course there will be. It's not like KRDK, when they said they might have a movie.