Friday, January 28, 2011

Yet Even More Gokaiger Scans

The five of Gokaiger briefly become Red Rangers in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. Yellow became GekiRed, Blue became Bouken Red, GoukaiRed became Go-On Red, Goukai Green became Deka Red and Pink became Magi Red.

Shinken Blue, it is because they will be releasing the other color Ranger Keys in March.

It looks like the first episode will show a horde of Sentai fighting.

1/28/11 10:44 PM EST

I sooo want this poster above.


john said...

even though ive been following all this sentai it actually confirmed that they are traveling to other sentai worlds??

Anonymous said...

quick question it looks to me that their are five swords and five guns only do they switch them or something

Anonymous said...

The shadowed key for the Telebi Kun mag is Shinken Blue not Red. Look closely at the Kanji Visor. :)