Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More on Gokaiger as past Sentai

These photographs of a book were found online by Dukemon22. Someone in Japan took the pictures and posted them on a board. I do not have this book nor did I provide the pictures.

'Goranger,' JAKQ, 'Bioman' and Changeman

'Battle Fever J,' 'Denjiman,' Flashman, and Maskman

'Dynaman,' Fiveman and Megaranger

'Sun Vulcan,' 'Goggle V,' 'Liveman,' and 'Turboranger'

'Jetman,' 'Zyuranger,' 'Gingaman' and 'GoGoV'

'Dairanger' and 'Kakuranger'

Ohranger, Carranger, 'Timeranger'

'Hurricanger,' Abaranger, Boukenger and 'Gekiranger'

'Timeranger' (again), 'Gaoranger', Dekaranger and 'Magiranger'

'Go-Onger', Shinkenger and Gosegier

I can't stop thinking about this. There is 26 gender changes. Goukai Green sacrifices his color 17 times--15 for Black, one for Violet and once for 'Crimson'. Goukai Pink sacrifices her color of pink six times---thrice (thanks Conan) for White, twice for Black, and once for 'Navy.' Goukai Yellow sacrifices her color three times--twice for White and once for Orange. Goukai Blue changes shade four times.

There are 21 teams that were changed, 2 teams with three members completely different costumes (Liveman and Hurricanger), 17 teams with only one member changed and 2 teams with two members changed. 13 teams left unchanged. I think they changed the skirts (removing or adding) to give it a little flair, to differentiate from the other seasons. This series is different enough as it is the first one to ever do this in Sentai at least, but for some of the footage not to be mistaken as the sentai it is meant to represent in many years in the future. To give it, its own 'pirated' style. I love the idea. I hope, wish and pray we see these changes in some form of merchandise, if not in toys, at least in Cards, T-shirts, posters, key chains, candy toy, chibi toys or something.


Anonymous said...


please post this

Anonymous said...

It's hard to accept Blue Dolphin and Blue Swan as men, as well as Yellow Lion and Yellow Owl as girls after seeing the original shows they were in. It almost makes me wish that Yellow and Blue would've switched colors in those instances, but I guess I'll get used to it.

It's also odd to see Tiger Ranger with skirts (along with all the other male Yellow Rangers with female counterparts in Power Rangers) after being used to seeing Trini/Aisha without one in Mighty Morphin.

On the other hand, it's cool to see a couple of female Black Rangers for once, even if they're just counterparts of past Sentai Warriors to make up for the lack of Pink in those teams. It almost makes me wonder what Mighty Morphin would've been if Adam became the second Yellow Ranger and Aisha the second Black Ranger.

Anonymous said...

I might also add that it's disappointing to see that Goukai Green doesn't turn into the Dragon Ranger from Zyuranger, but I saw that coming. I suspected that none of the five main Goukaiger would be turning into Sixth Rangers.

Anonymous said...

Lavendar, kindly asking... where did you get the scans pics from? Did you get the actual magazine? If so, do you if there is a way I can order that!?!?

Anonymous said...

Tiger Ranger having a skirt? Sounds like good news to Power Ranger fans. LOL

Mark-Anthony said...

How come no AbareKiller? GekiChopper looks hot as a girl

Jon B said...

Pretty cool. It was cool to see how Yellow Warriors who were male but got turned to female Power Rangers would look if they had followed Power Rangers' genders. It feels like a tribute to Power Rangers without it being overt (or, a very likely scenario, intended :P).

It was also cool to see male female Warriors. Those Goukaiger just a little more interesting. The gender change teams will definitely look more interesting than the teams who didn't change, just because those version of the teams we already seen (obviously :)). Should be interesting.

Mario Fausto said...

I really hope they don't blow away the honor of Geki Chopper and Magi Yellow

Luca said...

Okay, if there's any color I associate with male, it's black.

Anonymous said...

big one blackbison kuwagaraiger gekichopper go -on black...together we are dream queen sentai :)

Anonymous said...

i don't really like the yellow and blue gender change. offtopic: rangercentral timeline for proo not updated

Mugen said...

That for sure mixes up things a bit, which is good. But Pink totally should become AbareKiller for Abaranger. That is my only complain about it. Seriously, they already sort of did that for the VS Theater.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to scan these pics one by one for better quality picture? I love them very much (Helena Yap)

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous, I dont have the book, these pictures are from the web, whoever posted them doesnt have a scanner. We gotta wait until someone scans them.

Mark said...

I don't care what anyone else thinks. This season will be, dare I say, marvelous.

David said...

I agree with Lavendar I am so hoping they release some of the old figures as females.

James Spiring said...

Well Tiger Ranger already got released with a skirt,in the MMPR2010 toyline! :)

Arsya utomo said...

why denji black change color into denji green?

Anonymous said...

Because there is no "Denzi Black". You're probably confusing Denziman with another Sentai.

。€ ¥ ☆NIKORASU48 ☆ ¥ € 。 said...

I found it very nice,but I found clumsy the Blue Dolphin,Blue Swallow,Hurricane Blue and Magi Blue be men.

The transformations of Gokaiger(my version):

Gokaired:Akaranger,Spade Ace,Battle Japan,Denji Red,Vul Eagle,Goggle Red,Dyna Red,Red One,Change Dragon,Red Flash,Red Mask,Red Falcon,Red Turbo,Five Red,Red Hawk,Tyranno Ranger,Ryuu Ranger,Ninja Red,Oh Red,Red Racer,Mega Red,Ginga Red,Go red,Time Red,Gao Red,Hurricane Red,Aba Red,Deka Red,Magi Red,Bouken Red,Geki Red,Go-On Red,Shinken Red and Gosei Red.

Gokaiblue:Aoranger,Dia Jack,Battle France,Denji Blue,Vul Shark,Goggle Blue,Dyna Blue,Blue Three,Change Pegasus,Blue Flash,Blue Mask,Black Bison,Blue Turbo,Five Blue,Yellow Owl,Tricera Ranger,Tenma Ranger,Ninja Blue,Oh Blue,Blue Racer,Mega Blue,Ginga Blue,Go Blue,Time Blue,Gao Blue,Kuwagata Raijer,Abare Blue,Deka Blue,Magi Yellow,Bouken Blue,Geki Blue,Go-On Blue,Shinken Blue and Gosei Blue.

Gokaigreen:Midoranger,Clover King,Battle Kenya,Denji Green,Goggle Black,Dyna Black,Green Two,Change Griffon,Green Flash,Black Mask,Green Sai,Black Turbo,Five Black,Black Condor,Mammoth Ranger,Shishi Ranger,Ninja Black,Oh Green,Green Racer,Mega Black,Ginga Green,Go Green,Time Green,Gao Black,Kabuto Raiger,Abare Black,Deka Green,Magi Green,Bouken Black,Geki Violet,Go-On Green,Shinken Green and Gosei Black.

Gokaiyellow:Kiranger,Big One,Battle Cossack,Denji Yellow,Vul Panther,Goggle Yellow, Dyna Yellow,Yellow Four,Change Mermaid,Yellow Flash,Yellow Mask,Yellow Lion,Yellow Turbo,Five Yellow,Blue Swallow,Tiger Ranger,Kirin Ranger,Ninja Yellow,Oh Yellow,Yellow Racer,Mega Yellow,Ginga Yellow,Go Yellow,Time Yellow,Gao Yellow,Hurricane Yellow,Abare Yellow,Deka Yellow,Magi Yellow,Bouken Yellow,Geki Yellow,Go-On Yellow,Shinken Yellow and Gosei Yellow.

Gokaipink:Momoranger,Heart Queen,Miss America,Denji Pink,Goggle Pink,Dyna Pink,Pink Five,Change Phoenix,Pink Flash,Pink Mask,Blue Dolphin,Pink Turbo,Five Pink,White Swan,Ptera Ranger,Houhou Ranger,Ninja White,Oh Pink,Pink Racer,Mega Pink,Ginga Pink,Go Pink,Time Pink,Gao White,Hurricane Blue,Deka Pink,Magi Pink,Bouken Pink,Geki Chopper,Go-On Black,Shinken Pink and Gosei Pink.