Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gokaiger: Legacy War, Villains and Gokai Oh

Someone commented that this is called "Legacy War' and I checked out a Japanese board and they said the same thing.

I call it Ranger War because it is like the Rider War of Kamen Rider Decade.

Changemen and Flashmen fight the grunts

Shinken Red


Big One (JAKQ)

Red Falcon (Liveman)

Hurricanger and Kakuranger

Hurricane Red and Ninja Red: Ninjas unite!

The Gokaiger get a bite to eat

Snack Safari is the restaurant from SunVulcan

Insan, Gil, Damaras and Barizag


Maswartz said...

Where did the pics of the Ranger War come from?

Anonymous said...


Lavender Ranger said...

Maswartz, internet

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they're using the original suits and not the changed ones. Regular BigOne! Yaaaay!

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous, of course they used the regular one, because these are not the Gokaiger, these are the genuine articles. The 'changed' suits are only for the Gokaiger. How hard is this for people to grasp?

Anonymous said...

is gokai yellow completely japanese or is she mixed i mean look at her

also its officially called legend war

Lavender Ranger said...

Where did you get Legend War from?

Anonymous said...

jefusion article

Mugen said...

Guess the Snack Safari will be demolished while the Goukaiger wanted to eat there. ( And Yellow took their money )

Oh, GokaiOh is molded with a smirk on it's face, as oposed to the neutral faces most other Robos have.

Jon B said...

Awesome pics. I can't wait for episode 1. The Legend War alone will be worth the price of admission. I especially liked the pic of Hurricane Red and Ninja Red together. Gonna be great...I hope. :P

Anonymous said...

So are the dead Sentai Warriors (Black Condor, Dragon Ranger, Abare Killer) going to be part of this war as well?

Lavender Ranger said...

Well we know they are present: They are just in suit, and it would have seen incomplete without their suits. We can just assume they were 'replaced'