Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bulk and Spike added to Nick.com Power Rangers Samurai section

Bulk and Spike have been added to the characters section of the Power Rangers Samurai part of Nick.com website. Spike is confirmed to be Skull's son, but no sign of who the mother is. Hopefully Skull will make a cameo.

Now on Rangerboard it has gone to debate on how can Skull have a teenage son, picking on the point that he has armpit hair, he has to be 16 or 17. And that would make his birth year 1993, when the show started. Now, Skull could had married a single mother and his personality could had rubbed off on Spike. OR Skull fathered a child while his tenure on the show and no one ever knew. I say, get over it.


Jeffrey Long said...

Yeah, really. It's not that important, nor would it be the first time that dates on the show don't add up. Plus as of right now, there's nothing to say this season takes place in 2011. Unless stated at some point in-show, it could very easily take place next year, or the year after, which would put Spike around the right age. A lot of people on RB seem to just be constantly looking for a reason to hate the new season and stir up some drama.

Keith said...

Um, I started to grow underarm hair at 12...given this is television and 30-something actors are often cast as high school students, he's probably meant to be much younger. Also, who's to say this series even takes place in 2011?

Besides, if Rita and Lord Zedd can have a grown (or teenage, who knows how old Thrax was supposed to be) son we never heard about then Bulk can easily have a teenage son.

Chris M. said...

Yes seriously just RB needs to relax and accept new things. Bulk and Spike are a great duo and very funny. Just because skull is not back doesnt mean we have to hate on spike. Hes a great actor and doing a very good job.