Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sixth Gokaiger Info and Gokaiger Legacy War Movie

There is a rumored 80-minute version of the Legend War", and now this promo has popped up about a movie coming out on May 21st. And from the look of it, it will be about the Legacy War. We don't know yet if it will be 80 minutes, but we now that for sure it will be a movie about the Legacy War.

TimePink and BattleKenya Ranger Keys
These might be Gashapon releases. This is confusing for me but Gashapon Keys are lower quality and smaller, so most likely the Gashapon Keys will have rangers that we don't get for the deluxe keys.

Dukemon22 says that he is expecting more info on the Sixth Gokaiger this weekend, here are some rumors for the toys:
  • GokaiSilver is the 6th Ranger, but can transform into Gokai Gold.
  • He can transform with something called the GokaiCellular. His "Complete Form" is the GokaiGold. The GokaiCelluar comes with the GokaiSilver key, unknown if it will come with a GokaiGold Key.
  • GokaiSpear is the GokaiSilver's weapon. He has a 3-step transformation, it comes with the Dragonranger key.
  • GokaiSilver to GokaiGold Henshin Figure. Comes with GokaiGold transformation key.
  • Sixth Ranger Weapons Set (Dragonranger's ZyuSouken and Go-On Wing's Rocket Booster, etc.)
  • Joint Gattai Dekaranger Robo, MagiKing, ShinkenOh and Daizyujin (Zyuranger).


psowill said...

So this is a two in one ranger?

Lavender Ranger said...

I suppose, I don't know. For now, it is just a rumor. We might found out in a few days.

But I think its like Shurikenger, that had 2 modes, its just has 2 colors. This might seem that there won't be 7 Rangers (7 actors) because it seems 2 Rangers in one, one actor.

James Spiring said...

I wonder if this means he can become both Go-on Wings - Silver losing her skirt of course.

Lavender Ranger said...

James Spiring, before Go-On Wings premiered, it was rumored that Go-On Gold would transform into a female silver or that he would have a female robot assistant. So this could be similar. I'm hoping they are like Go-On Wings, male and female. If it is male into female, much cooler. Years have teased it, and didn't happened. Like I've mentioned about Shurikenger, that Jill and I thought Shurikenger would go from male to female.

But I am just have verbal spillage, most likely the most realistic would be that one male is silver and become gold, male too. And he would become Go-On Silver, sans skirt, killing the fun of a female seventh ranger.

Jon B said...

I have a feeling that GokaiGold's first episode is going to be the Zyuranger's episode/s, considering the several references to Zyuranger and the fact Zyuranger had the first multi-episode sixth warrior.

I love the pictures and new info on the Legacy War movie. I can't wait to see it. I think this will be my first Sentai Blu-Ray when it comes.

On a semi unrelated note, just a little over a week until Gokaiger and a few days until Goseiger's finale. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the sixth Gokaiger can transform into X-1 Mask or Magne Senshi. I would like to see him turn into Magne Senshi, even if he technically wasn't a Sixth Ranger.

Lavender Ranger said...

Who is Magne Senshi? The dude from Bioman that liked Yellow?

Lavender Ranger said...

It would be cool if he would turn into Magne from Bioman but most likely wouldn't happen. He's one of those things forgotten, not even in the Encyclopedia books of Sentai.

Anonymous said...

Magne Senshi is listed on the book scan of your site which shows all the Mecha Gigans from Bioman, so I guess he's considered a monster of the week and not a sixth ranger prototype.

Lavender Ranger said...

I checked that, yes I know but he wasn't highlighted like Mask X-1, MagiMother, DekaBright, DekaSwan, etc.