Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Sentai Red Rangers Passing the Torch Promo

This is a tradition I do not know how long has been going on, but after one series ends, right after the last episode, the current red ranger walks passed the newest and they shake hands or something, hence 'passing the torch.' It only last a few seconds and rarely contains any words.
Dekaranger to Magiranger
Happened in stark black background. They shake hands. Magi Red is noticeably a bit shorter.

Magiranger to Boukenger
They call each other. Magiranger outside and Boukenger in black background.

Boukenger to Gekiranger
Black background. They pat hands.

Go-Onger to Gekiranger
With red light and black background, their fists meet each other, Go-On Red with thumb up.

Go-Onger to Shinkenger
Outside, they race towards each other with their weapons.

Shinkenger to Goseiger
In black background with red and green lights. Gosei Red pats Shinkenger on his left shoulder. Gosei Red is noticeably shorter, as the new sit actor is shorter.

Goseiger to Gokaiger
Gokai Red drops in with a rope and high five in a black background with red lights and red mist.


Hallwings said...

The Dekaranger-to-Magiranger hit was the first.

Anonymous said...

You know if there is a kamen rider passing the torch it should have begin with faiz from faiz it stars with faiz going to his motorcycle and then he saw blade coming with his cycle before he departs ,for blade before he walks away he saw hibiki jumping from the tree then he nods to hibiki wishing him good luck,for Hibiki before he walks away he pass through kabuto and both pats their hands at each other,for kabuto as kabuto leaves with his motorcycle a train appears and comes out of what appears to be Den O before he left leaving with Den O doing a pose, for Den O he then waves goodbye to the audience before going inside the denliner and left in the night before him Kamen rider Kiva looks at it departing to the moon at night.for Kiva as he walks away in the black background he saw a card with a picture of him and as he is about to take it decade picks it up and kiva forgets about the card and nods to decade good luck and moves on.For Decade we see him standing in a landscape similar to goongers handoff but Double is running to decade to tell why isnt he(decade) speaking (a reference to the cliffhanger) before he disappears and as he reach too late he ignored it and looks at the sunlight with full determination.For double as Double went to his motorcycle he saw OOO coming by and turned his bike into a vendor which he then pats OOO before riding away in his motorcycle leaving OOO looking at him departing.

Jon B said...

I just watch the Gosei to Gokai one and I remember how much I love them. Seriously, the only one I didn't like was the Magi to Bouken one, since they didn't actually meet onscreen (wasn't helped by, ironically, Bouken being an anniversary Sentai and have no team-up with Magi). This new one is a lot like the Bouken to Geki one, but GokaiRed coming down like Indiana Jones was awesome. I love these and would miss them if Toei stopped them.

Another great thing about the passing of the torch moments: When they appear, the new Sentai is only a week away! :)

Luca said...

Red is the most awesome color EVER!