Friday, February 4, 2011

Bandai Japan Super Sentai Legends Website

This is a Bandai Japan site that contains past Sentai lines, mostly showcases the main robo (or in the case of JAKQ and Goranger who had no robo--their flying vehicle) but shows the colors of the team. I will highlights some interesting points regarding who they consider official 'rangers' or not.

As you can see (when you click on them to enlarge them), there are one color square for each warrior/ranger. Notice the color for Battle Cossack of Battle Fever J, it is orange.

Notice how for Changeman and Jetman above, they use white with pink around it for White Rangers with pink fringes. Notice how Blue Swallow is counted as regular blue shade.

For Gingaman, they count BullBlack. For Carranger and GoGoV, they only have 5 warriors. I have Gaoranger up there to show the white with pink and the silver.

For Hurricanger, Hurricane Blue is counted as a light blue (top right) and Kuwagataraijer as a regular blue color. As for Abaranger, AbareKiller is counted.

For Dekaranger, only 6 are counted (no DekaMaster), and as for Magiranger, notice the color used for MagiShine--the same as BattleCossack (second glance, it is lighter).

For GekiChopper in Gekiranger, white with orange around it and no Rio nor Mele. For Go-Onger, all 7 are counted. Go-On Gold is also the same color used for BattleCossack (second glance, it is lighter). It was also used for Shinken Gold.


Jason 嘉陞 Kuo said...

Actually, if you look closely, the colors for Magi Shine and Go-on Gold are actually lighter than the color for Battle Cossack. Battle Cossack has orange, while Magi Shine and Go-on Gold have more of a yellow-orange, which is close to gold.

Keir said...

How about timefire? Regular red??

Lavender Ranger said...

Okay maybe I was just tired, Jason. Keir, yes regular red.

Maswartz said...

What's with the mech for Boukenger?

James Spiring said...

Eh? Looks like DaiBouken to me. Or it's toy anyway.