Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gokaiger Suit Actors

Almost an entire year later that I did a Goseiger suit actors post (February 3rd, 2010), I give you a post on the suit actors who will portray the Gokaiger and a horde of many more forms. I got this information on the suit actors from the Japanese Wikipedia page for Gokaiger and a Japanese board. I think these are feasible. It pretty much is the same team as Goseiger, they just switched colors.

Yasuhiro Takeuchi played Gosei Red will now play Goukai Green; Hirofumi Fukuzawa played Gosei Blue and is back to playing a red ranger as Goukai Red; Yuuichi Hachisuka played Gosei Pink and now Gokai Yellow; switching with Mizuho Nogawa who is now Gokai Pink, Gosei Black was Yoshifumi Oshikawa and now is back to blue as Gokai Blue. This time I will cover which warirors they played in the past that they will be 'reprising.'

Hirofumi Fukuzawa has always played Red Rangers, since Gaoranger, well except for that one time he played Magi Green in Magiranger and Gosei Blue in Goseiger. So he will be reprising his roles as Oh Red, Gao Red, Hurricane Red, Abared, Deka Red, Bouken Red, Geki Red, Go-On Red, and Shinken Red, along with playing past Red Rangers and Magi Red which he never portrayed before.

Yasuhiro Takeuchi has played a lot of different characters (different colors), he also did a little bit of the Dragonranger. He will be reprising Ginga Green, Go Green, Go-On Green and Shinken Green, most likely he won't be Dragon Ranger as he is a sixth ranger. Even though he portrayed Oh Blue, Blue Racer, Time Blue, Gao Yellow, Hurricane Yellow, Bouken Blue, Geki Blue, and Gosei Red, he will be portraying the Green warriors of those teams, Kuwagata Raiger, Geki Violet, and Gosei Black.

Yoshifumi Oshikawa has mostly played Kamen Riders but also Go-On Blue and Shinken Blue. Even though he portrayed Gosei Black, this time as Gokai Blue he will do Gosei Blue.

Mizuho Nogawa has played MagiBlue, MagiMermaid, Go-On Silver and Gosei Yellow. She has never played a Pink Warrior, so of those teams she was in, she will portray MagiPink, Go-On Black, and Gosei Pink. Two of those roles that were originally played by men.

Yuuichi Hachisuka has played female characters since Changeman (1985). He has had played five Yellow warriors in the past, he will be reprising his roles as Five Yellow, Mega Yellow and Bouken Yellow. While he played Go Yellow and Ginga Yellow as male, he now will be playing them as female. Even though he originally palyed Change Phoenix, Pink Flash, Pink Mask, Blue Dolphin, Pink Turbo, White Swan, Time Green, Gao White, and Gosei Pink, he will be playing the Yellow warriors of those teams and Change Mermaid. I now people will be complaining about him playing all the Yellow Rangers that were male, but now with skirts cheapens the whole thing, but I am sure Toei picked the right person for the job. Yuuichi does an incredible job of 'female impersonation' as the Japanese call it. Maybe it gives some fans comfort that Big One will still be played by a male.

Above are left to right: Masaru Oobayashi, Riichi Seike, Hideaki Kusaka, and finally Jiro Okamoto.
Masaru Oobayashi
played Vankyuria (Magiranger), Shitari (Shinkenger) and Makuin (Goseiger)--and the only ranger he ever played was Yellow Racer. Riichi Seike, who I'm glad is back, portrayed Juuzo (Shinkenger) and Buredoran (Goseiger). He also played Geki Violet and Go-On Black. Hiedeaki has portrayed too many to mention--but to name a few, he has played Doukoku (Shinkenger), Tottobatto (Zyuranger), and Gunther (Fiveman) for the bad guys and Kabuto Raijer, Abare Black, Deka Master and more for the good guys. Jiro Okamoto played Magi Shine, Shinken Gold, Gosei Knight, Dereputa (Goseiger), various Kamen Riders and Metal Heroes.

Insan, Gil, Damaras and Barizag
I am so thrilled and glad that Masaru Oobayashi will be portraying Insan, because he did such a wonderful job with Vankuyuria. Riichi Seike will be playing Gil, who seems to be the boss. Hideaki Kusaka of course will be playing the general Damaras. Jiro Okamoto will be playing Barizag, the cyborg. Maybe hopefully Hideaki or Jiro will play the new sixth ranger and reprise some of their roles.

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Paolo1350 said...

I am officially envious of the guy who plays the red rangers. He gets to be a hero everyday.

NICOLAS Vernola said...

I saw a picture where Fiveyellow and Changemermaid are played by women.Sanae Hitomi can play Gekiyellow and Go-onyellow.She has the same size like Yuuchi.