Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First New Toy Catalogue Info: New Deluxe Ranger Keys

UPDATED 6/10/11
None of this ended up being the true, the only one that did was Ranger Key Set 2. This happens with rumors.
So it seems that we will be getting Ranger Keys for the other colors. But their collection have EX on them, as in Extra, so maybe we will only get one set for the colors that are not Red.

DX (deluxe) Ranger Key Set 02:
Tyrannoranger, Denji Red, Hurricane Red, Bouken Red, Aba Red

Aba Red and Bouken Red were seen at the toy showcase for Gokaiger but were of the Gashapon series.

Deluxe Ranger Key Set EX- GokaiBlue Collection 01:
Magi Blue, Hurricane Blue,
Geki Blue, Vul Shark, Triceraranger

It is interesting that two of the keys are female. Interesting that Denji Blue or Aba Blue are not included. Magi Red and Geki Red were including in set 1 of Red.

Deluxe Ranger Key Set Ex- GokaiYellow Collection 01:
Bouken Yellow, Gao Yellow, Deka Yellow, Denji Yellow, Vul Panther

Gao Yellow, Denji Yellow and Vul Panther are male. Interesting that Gao Red, Deka Red and Bouken Red were in the first set, so Yellow gets from their teams. Tiger Ranger seems to be the only one from Zyuranger not to have a key in the first round.

Deluxe Ranger Key Set EX- GoukaiGreen Collection 01:
Mammothranger, Black Condor, Deka Green, Shinken Green, Go-On Green
Interesting Black Condor is the first Ranger Key of Jetman to be used. Red Hawk won't be used yet until collection 3.

Deluxe Ranger Key Set EX- GoukaiPink Collection 01:
Denji Pink, Pteraranger, Magi Pink, Gao White, Shinken Pink

Magi Red, Gao Red and Shinken Red were including in set 1 of Red.

Deluxe Ranger Key Set 03: Battle Japan, Red Hawk, Ryuuranger, Mega Red, Time Red
Ryuuranger was seen in the showcase of the Gokaiger toys but was of the Gashapon series.

Ranger Key Set #1: Geki Red, Deka Red, Magi Red, Gao Red, VulEagle
Mobirates comes with Go-On Red, Shinken Red and Gokai Red.

UPDATED 7/10/11
TimePink and BattleKenya Ranger Keys
These are from Dice-O website, not toys.

Official Toy Sites (Japanese):
Captain Yo! Hey!! Blog


dukemon22 said...

The keys shown at the premiere are not the ones from the DX sets. It's a set of 16 Gashapon keys.

Lavender Ranger said...

Whats the difference between the 16 Gasphapon keys and DX? Size?

Mugen said...

Among other things. Gashapon Versions are also of lower Quality.

As far as Ex goes, they actually shouldn't get into normal retail, but one has to order them.

Corrine Shanshy ♥ said...

Any idea where I can buy the power rangers set keys from? (Singapore)