Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rarely known Super Sentai Ranger-like Allies

Non of these warrior and allies had toys and they only appeared in one or two episodes and they are rarely mentioned by Toei or fans.

Arashiyama Misa
The Commander's daughter. she transformed into "Shiro Bara Kamen" - white rose mask. she was also Commander Arashiyama's secretary and took care of the talking dog Shee Shee. She got her own figure in th Girls in Uniform collection.

Magne Senshi (Bioman)
A Tarzan-like friend who liked Yellow Four, he was experimented on by the villains into a warrior, who was being controlled and fought the Bioman. He then defected and fought alongside them. He appeared in two episodes.

Commander Ibuki (Changeman)
The leader of the EDS who seems cruel at first but has a caring side too. Eventually, he is revealed to be Yui Ibuki of the planet Heath Star which was destroyed by Gozma.

Nana (from Changeman)
A young girl from the more advanced Planet Rigel with superhuman abilities, she used in tipping the scale for Gozma for when Rigelian girls reach a age they release a massive energy which would give whoever is caught in its path. Though aged by 20 years old thanks to Giluke's scheme to become stronger, Nana gains telepathic abilities along with heighten physical abilities.

Flash Titan (Flashman)
A legendary warrior of the Flash Stars. He is the one who the Flash aliens based their Flashman technology and mecha after. He was an honorable soldier who tracked down Mess from planet to planet in order to stop them. As a result of his travels away from the Flash system, he developed the Anti-Flash Phenomenon and died while in battle with Baraki.

Dan (Jetman)
Dan is young and curious, he falls in love with Ako. Dan can change into a 'birdman' form and does so to avenge the murder of this friends and duels Radiguet. Radiguet stabbed him in the gut and he dies in Ako's arms as she makes him a ring out of daisy for him. He appeared in 2 episodes. He later played Dan/Tricera Ranger in Zyuranger.

Neo Jetman Team
A team created by Supreme Commander Ichijou to replace Jetman. They received powers from Birdonic Reactors implanted in their bodies. J1 is armed with Neo Sword, J2 is armed with Neo Stinger scythe, and J4 is armed with Neo Slicer boomerang. They are all wield Neoshooter guns and Neomine grenades, and their group attack is brought from their Flarebuster twin cannon. They locked in a room with Meteor BEM by their commander. They eventually gave their Birdonic energies to Jetman, whose own Birdonic energies had been stolen by Meteor BEM. They appear from Episodes 40-41.

Kujaku (Dairanger)
A follower of the Mahamayuri Vidyaraja, the Peacock Buddha, and a master of kenpo. She was Gaja's rival and they had a long personal history. Shishi ranger (green) loved her.

Lunajel (Magiranger) / Gatekeeper (Mystic Force)
She was a Sky Saint in Magiranger, this giant form appeared in one episode but she appeared in a handful of episodes. She had no memory of who she was and when she got in back, she was harsh to the Magiranger team. She fought Wolzard on her own, he kidnapped her and opened the gates of hell. In Mystic Force, Clare took the spot of her deceased mother to fight Koragg but was kidnapped and made to open the gate.


Anonymous said...

Here's a screenshot of Eiyū Titan. He was in Episodes 18 and 19 (as well as in the second movie, which was a compilation of those episodes). He dies 100 years before the events of the series and the Flash Titan trailer was his last creation.

The Super Sentai Senshi list on the Japanese Wikipedia features a list of guest warriors and semi-regular warriors. Here's the link.

I'm not sure if characters like Nana (from Changeman) and Kujaku (from Dairanger) should count though, or that kid from Turboranger who got Blue Turbo's powers in one episode. They do count the Neo Jetman Team though (and they are technically Sentai warriors).

There's an episode of Sunvulcan where Misa Arashiyama (Commander Arashiyama's daughter) turns into a super heroine herself, Shirobara Fukumen.

Luca said...

My dad's name is Dan.