Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poll Results: Female Green / Pink isn't Abare Killer/ Big One as sixth / Sixth Gokaiger transfromaitons

Do you think the sixth ranger would...
Turn into Extra heroes too 124 (53%)
All of the Above 107 (45%)
Turn into Rangers only 72 (30%)
Summon Rangers 56 (24%)
I think it would be really cool if Sixth Gokaiger would turn into old sixth rangers and summon Extra heroes and female extra rangers. Like for example, if he became Go-On Gold, he could summon Go-On Silver.

For Super Sentai and Power Rangers, what do you prefer the most? -- Suggested Poll
Story 191 (85%)
Designs 119 (53%)
Acting 78 (34%)
Villains 76 (33%)
Toys 69 (30%)

Which Green Ranger would have you rather gotten a skirt for Gokaiger?
Go-On Green 108 (51%)
Other 77 (37%)
Shurikenger 57 (27%)
Time Green 44 (21%)
Green Sai (Liveman) 43 (20%)
Elephant Ranger 39 (18%)
I added Elephant Ranger because I basically wanted to do this picture above. I also know Shurikenger wouldn't have made sense (since he's a sixth ranger and all), but the reason I added him---my friend Jill and I made the big mistake of mistaking his Fire Mode for being female because the picture above. You got to admit, the above picture looks sort of female. That is why I have the Fire Mode in the big picture above.

Do you like that Big One is not considered a 'Sixth Ranger' but AbareKiller may be?
No 110 (54%)
Yes 91 (45%)

Which you don't like the most?
Yellow as Big One 65 (25%)
Pink isn't AbareKiller 153 (59%)
Neither 73 (28%)


Mugen said...

Yes, Shurikenger looks kinda feminine on that pic.

But seriously, why no AbareKiller? I think it would work for pink.

Lavender Ranger said...

Thank you Mugen! I thought I was crazy for years.

luismunguia49 said...

well i guess abare killer is for goukai silver