Thursday, February 3, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Web Stuff

Lots to cover...

Pop Star Publicity:

Last time the male Power Rangers cast was on a magazine like this was the Lost Galaxy cast in 1999.

In a long time there has never been this much publicity for an upcoming Power Rangers season. For the Disney seasons, we would get some promos on characters and such before the show aired, like for Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD and Mystic Force but it would whiter down. The most we got for Operation Overdrive was a tiny pic of the cast and a promo with the same pic but ot much about each ranger until the first episode appeared on We did see Mac in the Behind the Scenes special. But never publicity with YouTube, IGN, Pop Star Magazine and Just Jared Jr. or as many pics we are getting now. Saban Brands is very smart at getting the male actors involved with Pop Star and Just Jared Jr. because that puts the show in par with Wizards of Waverly Place and Victorious and Big Time Rush that get publicity through those sites and magazines as well. Very smart. Very exciting!

I also wanted to add that today I substituted taught for a 1st Grade class. One boy had a Power Rangers Jungle Fury bookbag. I asked him if he knew about the new one. He nodded. I asked him what channel it was on and he said Nick. I asked him the name of it, he didn't know and I told him it was Samurai. He then asked me what the book bag was from. I explained it was Jungle Fury. At least he knew the show was airing on Nick.

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Just Jared Jr.:


Anonymous said...

well saban said it would be aggressive

Lavender Ranger said...

True, but one thing is word, and another thing is seeing it.