Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almost Rangers

The following actors/actresses were almost Power Rangers, but ultimately chose not to or were not chosen.

Audri Dubois as Trini
She was almost Trini, she was in the pilot but ultimately chose not to do it, for multiple factors, one being not wanting to commit to the contract that had a heavy work schedule, not getting paid alot and having her likeness used in merchandise.

Dan Southworth
Best known as Eric/Quantum Ranger, he auditioned to be the original Black Ranger.

Brad Hawkins as the White Ranger.
He was originally hired to be the White Ranger, a new character. But because of Jason David Frank's popularity (he was to be on the show that eventually became VR Troopers), they decided to keep him and make him the White Ranger and move Brad to VR Troopers. My interview with him: My doctored photo above.

Lost Galaxy
Erin Simms as Maya
There was an actress before Cerina Vincent as Maya. She was Erin Simms. Interview here:

Patricia J. Lee as Pink Galaxy Ranger
It was planned that Patricia (Cassie) would replace Varlie Vernon (Kendrix). They even shot the last scene for The Power of Pink indicating this, but Patricia had decided not to accept when she found out she wasn't going to be paid as a full-time cast member but a regular guest star (paid less), so she opted not to do it. That is why the last scene has the PRiS rangers in suit.

Wild Force
Another actor portrayed Danny before Jack Guzman And another actor played Max

Sandra McCoy as Alyssa the White Ranger
Another actress portrayed Alyssa before Jessica Rey (it was Sandra McCoy "Kendall") According to reports, Koichi Sakamoto demanded a character that his wife could double for, thus she was given the role of Kendall instead.

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mustang17 said...

Shouldn't Dan Southworth be on this list? He auditioned for the role of the 2nd black ranger.