Sunday, February 20, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai - Day Off - Episode Review

While everyone is training, Mike tells the gang that Jill told them to take the day off. Kevin says they just started training, Mike tells him he wouldn't disobey a direct order. The gang decide to go to an amusement park called Rainbow's End, without Jayden who is acting mysterious. Jayden has the orange Beetle disk. Not a surprise, Bulk and Spike are at the Rainbow's End, where Bulk eats a cotton candy super fast and Spike laughs like Skull. Meanwhile, Jayden practices using the Beetle disk on his Spin Sword but its too powerful. Jii says he's not ready yet. Jayden says "I am the Red Ranger Now." Jii says Jayden was once fun, and he must find balance in his life as a samurai. And now I notice Alex Heartman does have chest hair.

Dread Lock attacks and is too tough for the four, he even speaks with a southern accent. Jayden arrives and realizes he can't beat the monster. They try attacking together. Jayden is about to use the Beetle Disk on his Fire Smasher but the foe leaves because he is drying up. The Rangers are surprised at the sight of the new disk. They explain about it at HQ but Jayden doesn't tell the others he can't handle it. That night he trains and trains and almost burns himself. The next morning Jii finds him laying on the floor, all burnt up and exhausted.

They fight the monster again, form the Beetle Cannon and defeat him. They grow big and use the beetle on the Megazord (complete with new cockpit (beetle on the stick console) and new footage of Mega Mode Red outside of the megazord). Afterwards, they go to the amusement park and Emily and Jayden gives them cotton candy and they go on a rollercoaster.

Episode Review:
Like the past episodes, this one is pretty much close to the source but a bit more entertaining for me, maybe others might not agree, but thanks to Bulk and Spike and Mike's quips. The blue screen of Mega Mode Red outside of the Megazord is not that bad. Pretty good.


Pink_Power said...

I liked it.Now that I've seen shinkenger i can't stop comparing the two.but overall samurai is sticking close to shinkenger.but of course nothing like the original.And getting a little of topic by any chance Lavender do you know why supersentaiplanet is down?

Lavender Ranger said...

I do not know.

Anonymous said...

I think the episode is great. the story is close to shinkenger,n Im starting to love mega mode but...... still no team morph n its the 3rd episode. N who writes the dialog..... all the rhyming is getting annoying and what up with " sure..... Hope.... this .... help" while loading their disk. lol

sentairider said...

@Anonymous the dialogue is the always campy PR banter we've (mostly) come to love and expect. the one by one wording is probably due to the fact that, as per PR banter rules, every Ranger gets a word/phrase in edgewise rofl

elijah_brenton said...

This episode is one of my favorites thus far because (and I may be the only one) I love the MOTD. His accent and dialog had me cracking up. "What in Tarnation?" LMHO Any monster speaking in a southern accent makes me laugh. Also, I enjoyed the entire Zord scene because of the new added scenes with the Red Mega Ranger. Also, is it just me or did the scene where Bulk and Spike come in remind you of the episode of MMPR where they all were at the fair (that was nothing but Rita's trap) and Bulk and Skull were shown eating cotton candy as the rangers walked by? I think it was called "No Clowning Around" but I could be wrong.

James Spiring said...

Pink_Power, use and if or are down. All addresses are now working fine.

Elijah, you're right about the MMPR episode title, it is "No Clowning Around".